Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer blog topics -suggestions, anyone?

Finally, my holiday is here! Today I’m off to Finland. I’ll be spending 3 weeks there, and then I’ll head over to Sweden for my final week. A whole month off –feels unbelievable! This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for all the overtime hours I’ve done this spring (and really, I’ve worked a lot), so I guess working loads also has its advantages, hehe.

For those that have followed this blog carefully, today is also the day when by no-sugar bet with my significant other ends. Do you think I made it? No candy, cakes or sugar for some 2,5 months in order to win a shopping spree?

Well, of course I did. And not eating sugar has made me feel great, so who knows, maybe it’s something I will keep up. It wasn’t that hard to tell you the truth. Give it 2 weeks to get rid of the sugar craving and then you’re fine. Highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with keeping their hands off chocolate bars.

Since I will be on a holiday there won’t be much action going on in my life. The summer days in Scandinavia tend to be bright and beautiful, but kind of boring in terms of action and events. So I’m not sure what to blog about. Do you guys have any suggestions/wishes? Anything you want to know about life in Finland/Sweden? Photo essays? Anything China related you wish me to write about? Could be anything -about studying in China, some restaurant recommendations, anything... Any questions you want answered? Fire away, because I’d like to keep this blog going even while I am away, but I need your input in order to make it interesting.

But first I have a 1 hour taxi drive, a 9 hour flight, and a 3 hour bus ride to look forward to… see you on the other side!


flyingfish said...


I'd like to hear about Finnish Eco-development. Green architecture, alternative energy, whatever. So, if you come across anything of the sort, please keep me in mind. :)

And more importantly, have a fantastic time!

KrisTi said...

Please write about more studding in China and your studding expereiencec. How hard was in classes, homework, etc.

Lookign forward your posts:)

KrisTi said...

Please could you write about your studding in China. Classes, homework, etc. How hard it was and how you motivated yourself:)

Looking forward your post(s)

Alexander said...

Hi Jonna,

If you have the time I'd find it very helpful to have a post talking about your experiences directly after moving to a new place/country.

Maybe some writing on culture shock or homesickness you may have experienced and how you've dealt with it.

I'd also be interested to know how you go about discovering a new place after moving there for the first time, especially when it's in a different country.

As well as any stories or advice about getting to know the locals or making friends in the area (apart from other tourists).

I remember reading that China wasn't the first new country you'd lived in since leaving Sweden so any earlier stories from your early journey's away from home as I would imagine it would be a daunting task leaving home at such a young age? Or maybe it was better making the break earlier?

Finally, any other tips you have for someone embarking on a similar journey to yours regarding settling in to a new country.

Of course, photo essay's and other experiences from Finland, Sweden and China would be great too!


Jonna Wibelius said...

Cheers for the suggestiong guys, keep em comin! My fingers are itching already... :)

ordinary malaysian said...


Chocolatesa said...

Unrelated to this post, but I just saw this and was reminded of your experiences at the gym in china, they need signs like this!

Artificial Wisdom said...

I just came back from China a few days ago, and the internet was very annoying. What about a post about the internet in China?

黃愛玲 said...

I admire how honest you are when you write your experiences, opinions, and such. I always pull back when I update. I become silent.

TWINGLE said...

Finland I would love to have some recipies of fish or know more about Cloudberries. I last visited Finland 25 yrs ago and other than Helsinki few people spoke English I did visit Nilsia as I met an English teacher and she invited me to her town to meet her students and fellow teachers.
I loved the Finns they are exceptional people. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

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