Friday, January 14, 2011

Back in (cold but convenient) Shanghai

It was a cold flat that greeted us when we got back to Shanghai yesterday. As soon as we stepped inside it felt as if 90% of our tans faded away and we had to run inside to turn on the aircons, the heater and put on heaps of clothes (including triple socks and scarves, gloves and hats…). Going from +38 to minus 1 (and something like 10 degrees inside!) is a bit of a shock to the body, but in 2 weeks I’m going to Sweden (where it’ll probably be minus 10 with my luck) so I shouldn’t be complaining. Also, with 2 weeks of sunshine in the luggage, life should be a bit smoother than usual, once I have caught up with my emails at work.

We didn’t have to deal with any jet lag this time (no time difference between WA and China –sweet! So basically I could go to WA for business trips all the time –hear that, dear boss if you are reading this?!) however, since we had a night flight we didn’t get much sleep and therefore we were quite tired when we came home. Unfortunately being tired doesn’t equal not being hungry, and how do you solve that when you come home to an empty fridge and don’t feel like going out shopping? Well, by internet shopping of course. If there’s something to love about China it is the pace/speed of things. A few clicks here and there and food from our favourite restaurant arrived (waiting time: 30 min). And then, a few more clicks and groceries from the shop arrived (no delivery fee –and it only took a couple of hours). My significant other were quite amazed by the fact:

-So basically, we can just sit back and have everything delivered.

-Basically, yes.

Then we both looked at each other in horror (I think he had the mental same image like me: the two of us –about 20 kg heavier than we are now- sitting on our couch, stuffing ourselves with pizza while the door bell rings -the next delivery- and we start fighting about who should go and open the door) and promised ourselves that we should only use delivery services during extreme situations, when we don’t have time to go shopping ourselves. Or something like that.

Anyway, Australia was truly fantastic but now it’s time to get on with “real life.” I gained 4 kgs during this trip so I plan to spend quite a lot of time at the gym too.


Wannes said...

Haha, so funny!
When I read it, I could really imagine the same happening to me and my girlfriend if we were to live in Shanghai. Especially the part about arguing who is going to open the door. Hilarious!

Can you order deliveries online from most restaurants and supermarkets or just from some specific ones?

(which ones?)

Jonna Wibelius said...

Wannes -Hehe, glad to hear we are not the only 2 people that get lazier and lazier the more convenient life gets! Some restaurants are listed by laowai-friendly delivery companies so that you can order them in Eng, with other restaurants u have to go in there (or call) and ask if they deliver. Most places do, but obviously not all. As for supermarkets, it's pretty much the same. If you order groceries for over 200 rmb delivery is free (fei dan and city shop at least).

Netster23 said...

You actually keep track of your kgs? sweet hahahaha