Saturday, January 1, 2011

Heat rash -pls help!!!

OK, so my "health issues" started already on the morning of departure. I woke up with a queasy stomach, and felt sick during the 1 hour taxi ride to the airport. Insecure of how my belly would handle flying for so many hours straight, we asked to be seated next to the toilet for both flights (Shanghai-Hong Kong and then Hong Kong-Perth). No probs. The first flight went well, and very well, we were seated next to the loos.

Then came the second route and imagine our surprise when we stepped on the plane and realized that we had been seated in the middle of the plane, in the middle section... in the 2 middle seats!!! So, there was no easy toilet access, and also, we had strangers on both sides. Gaaaah! At that moment I wanted to fly back to Shanghai and yell at the young boy who checked us in. Idiot!!

Fortunately I survived the trip without any major issues. The next day (in Perth) we went out to explore the city and I was wearing my lovely sandals that I had bought at a market in Shanghai. Now, here the stupidity award goes to me, because what was I thinking? Cheap does not equal good and it only took 30 min before I had some serious blisters under my feet. Determined not to be a complainer I went on without saying anything, and the result of that: huge blisters on my heels! So huge, that I had to walk on my toes for the next 2 days (resulting in a calf cramp) and yes, this was despite me using those good compreed bandage plasters. Oh well. (Sandals went to the bin).

Then, yesterday, after some hours in the sun, a non-beloved "friend" returned: a skin rash on my lower arms and lower arms and legs. Red, itchy small "bumps" on the skin. AWFUL! I went to the pharmacy and asked for their strongest cream and some allergy pills (anti-histamine), but so far it has done little good. Now I need you help, does any of you know any good self-cure for itchy, red rashes? It's not a sunburn, trust me, I know the difference. I've had this before and before I've had to take cortisone shots and antibiotics (steroids I believe it was?) in order for it to go away. Being on a holiday over here, I'm not really keen on going to see a dermatologist, but if the rashes don't go away I know I will have to, mainly because of the itching.

Anyway, I just thought I'd ask you guys in case any of you have any "rash experience" (I believe it's a heat rash) and could share some good idea. All help is greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Some Icey-Hot would be good on those rashes. :D ...

Anonymous said...

first of all, do you normally get this when it's a hot weather?

second, normally when you have encountered rashes from to time, it does no good to take anti histamine or cortisone cos it damages your immune system to heal things by itself easily.

usually if rashes appears again, your body is need of cooling or it - take a shower means micro parasites..

there is a cream (for rash or parasite rash) i recommend that i took to heal me of scabies but you would have to order it from NZ and that will take a few days...

-- Critical

Takotsubo said...

Try getting creams with hydrocortisone in it. Works for me when I get weird rashes/hives/mosquito bites.

Joyce Lau said...

Oh, Jonna. Here's some sympathy from another girl with a lifetime of sensitive skin.
I presume they gave you a cortisone cream and Benedryl? And that didn't work?
You can also use calamine lotion -- that chalky pink stuff that they give kids with chicken pox.
Not to state the obvious, but if you have heat rash, you have to stay out of the heat a few days. You have to keep your skin dry. Wear loose cotton clothes and use talcum powder if needed.
Also try a cool bath, or rinsing the areas with cool water and then gently patting dry.
Of course, no itching or scratching!
Think of the bright side. Despite the rash, you are in beautiful Australia and it's a brand new year.
A happy 2011 to you.

TG said...

Wish you good luck with that, although I have no useful tips.

In-Jaul said...

Not sure how easy it is to find down under, but have you considered aloe? You could probably get the pulped version in the local drug store or health store. Better yet is if you can find some fresh aloe... just split the cactus open and put it on the rash. I have a feeling that'll make it feel better.

Unknown said...

Free yourself from all stresses. Get adequate sleep, calm, and rest. No alcohol. No coffee. No spicy food. No fried food. No oily food. No food made from bottom feeders (cat fish, carp, crabs, lobsters,...) Keep yourself cool and away from direct sunlight.

Drink herbal tea made from 百花蛇舌草 and 半枝蓮 . You should be able to buy these herbs from Chinatown. Get the real thing, not the instant version. Boil them in a pot of water. If you can't find these herbs, try drinking chrysanthemum tea. Then eat some steam cooked pears with brown sugar. Place the pear on a dish, cook it in a little boiling water but do not immerse the pear in the water.

Juci said...

The same happens to me every single time I travel to a hot, but not-too-clean place. I suppose it is red and inflamed, isn't it? You may have exchema. Go to the first pharmacy you see in your neighbourhood and show your itchy rashes to the pharmacist! They will know what to do!
get well soon,

Jonna Wibelius said...

thanks for all the advices!! I have been trying to be super careful, staying away from the sun, covering my skin, using baby powder (talcum powder) to keep dry etc.. but, as soon as I take a walk or get a liiiiittle bit sweaty it comes back, itching like h***. Now I have tried getting rid of it for 4 days, so I think I'll call a medical centre tomo to see if they have time to see me, or if they think I should continue like I already do... let's see. Thanks again for all f your help though!

Anonymous said...

baby powder (talcum) will aggravate the rash condition. it's best just to leave it alone as it is.

Martin said...

I don't know how you can get rid of it, but it sounds like eczema to me.

FanFanX said...

As a long time sufferer of heat rashes...I suggest ice baths; ice wraps; oatmeal baths; and if you can get a steroid shot (not the topical cream, which ironically I am allergic to in topical form as well) and time.

Above all, do NOT pick.