Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ginger candy video


I've been quite sick over the last 2 days. Have no idea where it came from? On Thursday afternoon I was at the gym running 10 km at the treadmills. The next day I woke up feeling a bit off, and some hours later I felt like shit. Yesterday was spent in bed with fever and today the fever has passed but I still feel kind of out of it. I'm having a slow (but boring) Sunday hoping that I'm doing better tomorrow when I'm about to have my first private lessons (gah!) at my new university (gaaah x 2!).  My mind couldn't come up with anything to blog about today (or OK; there's quite a bit: my gym-comeback, the second part of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, more photos from Yunnan, registering at my new uni, etc etc, but I simply feel too tired and off to try and compose something read-worthy) so I leave you with a video of a guy making ginger candy in Lijiang. 


Little Tiger said...

Stretching that ginger candy looks really therapeutic. Although, I don't think I would let it near my teeth. I recently had to get 4 fillings at the dentist (and I don't generally eat sweet things, so I dare not think what chewing on the ginger candy would do!!)

Brad Farless said...

Wow! Hand made candy! I wonder if it was good? I'd seen this before in movies. Neat to see someone doing it for real though.

Is it the swine flu? That's how it hit me. I felt fine in the morning then in the evening I felt exhausted. The next day I felt like shit and had high fever. My fever lasted for two days and then broke and the third day I still had to rest.

Carl said...

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling bad, Jonna. Please get plenty of rest and get healthy again quickly. The candy video is great... would be fun to try some of the fresh candy just after it is pulled. Does the ginger candy set up (harden)? Or does it stay soft like taffy? Take care and I hope you feel better very soon.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Tiger -hehe, yeah it's probably not that great for your teeth.. basically just sugar and ginger... I love watching Chinese people making food: ginger candy, noodles, even frying those simple pancakes catches my interest. Maybe it's because I am so bad at making food myself, ehum. Cooking sure is an art. And not for everyone.

Brad -It is good! U can buy 2 kinds (or at least that's what I came across in Lijiang), plain or with chili. With chili was the best. A real spice explosion in your mouth. Yum!

Yeah I really thought it was the swine flu too. I had all the symptoms: muscle ache, tired, no appetite, hard to breathe, fever, unsettled stomach etc etc... but today I am feeling much better so now I'm thinking it's about to pass. I asked everybody I had met before I started feeling bad if they had any flu symptoms but no one had. Weird. Anyways, they keep saying the swine flu is just like normal flu so maybe it was? At least we both got recovered!

Carl -The candy set up so it's all dry... although due to all the sugar it sort of melts in your mouth, leaving you with a chili taste explosion (if u pick the spicy version like I did). Pretty good, although I couldn't eat a whole bag. Thanks for your get well greetings, I am finally doing better! :)

Brad Farless said...

Candy with chili in it? Wow. That's totally not what I was expecting. I guess I was thinking this would be similar to toffee. I might try it once anyway. I mean, why not? I eat things with chili on it all the time in Singapore, to the point that chewing on a red chili pepper a bit and spitting it out doesn't bother me that much anymore.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I think my teeth can't take that! - the ginger candy might just pull the fillings off!

MJ said...

Must be caused by lack of oxygene, its quite high altitude over there.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Brad -sounds like you are a chili lover just like me! Then u should def try and find this candy! I've never seen it anywhere else but in Yunnan, but I am pretty sure it is sold elsewhere too. A funny present to bring home too!

Keats -the ready candy is hard, not taffy as in the video... hehe.

MJ -the candy's appearance? Huh? Maybe this comment was meant for my heavy breathing at the TLG top video? :)

MJ said...

Yeah, it is, and the fact that you felt sick, could be caused by high altitude.

About the candy, I can't stand ginger -.-