Wednesday, September 8, 2010

EXPO Health -健康世博

The moment of truth is here...

Meanwhile the rest of the world is talking about how obesity is becoming our new, global health problem, China is taking action: urging its population to measure their waists and calculate their BMI. Look what I received in the mail yesterday! All the equipment I need to see if I’m overweight!

I must say that I was positively surprised when I realized that in a country where 98% of the women are smaller than me, they still follow the international BMI scale, which means I am neither fat nor obese. Yay! Also, the “health package” included a measurement tape, so now I have spent the morning measuring everything I could possible measure on me (yeah, I really mean everything. I learned, for instance, that my right foot measures 25 cm from toe to heel meanwhile my left one measures 25,5cm. Now isn't that something?!).

When I first picked up my package from the mail I started laughing, and couldn’t help but asking one of the management men (who’s constantly parked outside our elevator on the ground floor) what all of this was for:

-It’s Expo health, he said. Because of the Expo, we should all look good and get in shape. Then we both started giggling.

Super clear instructions so that no one can mess up...

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Anonymous said...

I am not at all surprised.
Because of my fortcoming moving to China - I needed to get a health checkup. Even my doctor asked me why it was necessary... The doctor needed to check for diseases which have not been in Denmark for the last 50 years :)
But now I have a certificate saying my helath condition is good and normal, and I will not be to any health risk for the chinese.
Wuxi here I come