Friday, September 10, 2010

My blue week

After a rather rough week at work I’m getting ready to head to the airport in order to do a quick business trip to Sweden. Can tell you I’m keen to get away, as I’ve managed to tick most boxes for disaster this week:

Monday –always a hard day to motivate yourself. This time I tried extra hard by heartily going to the gym after work. Sure, it was about 30 degrees at the gym, but who cares? I was there on a mission! So, up I went on the treadmill, determined to beat the Monday blues. Running, running, sweating, sweating… feeling as if my head was going to explode of some sort of inner heat shock. Ignoring the feeling. Focusing on the run. Which actually went quite well… until. Treadmill suddenly stopped. Yeah, just like that. I had just passed 4km on my distance counter and was about to get comfortable. And then… it stops?!

Furious I decided to step over to another treadmill as fast as I could. Unfortunately I was a bit too hasty in my moves, which resulted in my brain turning itself off, only thinking about “getting to the next treadmill a.s.a.p!!” So, stupid, silly, slow-brained me stepped on my friend’s treadmill in order to get to the one next to hers. Only problem was that she too was running at a 10km/hour pace.

Yup. 3 seconds later I tumbled to the floor, hit my shoulder, hip, bum, and knee, not to mention my pride.

-WHOOOOOOAAAAHHHH!!!! The whole gym section went (of course we were at the very front, well on display for fellow runners behind us).

And I, embarrassed like no other, quickly got up, and literally jumped on a new treadmill and started running at a mad, 12 km/hour pace. It hurt everywhere, and even though I was avoiding the mirror, I could still see that everybody were staring at me, making bets with themselves about when I would crack. Uh… awful start of the week.

Yeah, so that was the start, now I bet you can all guess how the rest of the days went.

I’ve been sleepless in Shanghai due to a bruised body, not making sleeping (unless on the stomach, which causes breathing difficulties) comfortable.

My left bum has the shade of blue-purple (not in a charming, cute way). It hurts to sit down.

When I on Wednesday night went for a relaxing yin yoga class my otherwise so calm and “Namaste”-like teacher had turned into Military man, forcing us all to do rather physically challenging stuff. Do I need to mention that I literally squeaked with pain?

To top this off, I yesterday found out that our office ayi has been making coffee using tap water. No wonder my stomach’s been living it’s own life lately?! Bodes well for a 10-hour flight, huh?

If I get to Sweden alive and with no new bruises, I swear I’m going to become a better person.


Richard said...

Nothing like a shot of "home" in the bum to make everything feel better. And you'll have the added bonus of being cool, and you'll giggle like a silly school girl because you're not sweating. (That's how I behaved when I went home to Canada for a short break!)Stinking hot here in Hong Kong also...and the stores have put out fur coats and winter clothes for Autumn. Is it like that in Shanghai too? Enjoy your time away!

Shanghai MiFeng said...

Oh my ??
That post hurt me reading it !
As I recall , I've had day's like this .. but not only Monday's . hahaha

Martin said...

You know, there is a way to deal with a Monday like that...just go back to bed, and start all over again.

Good luck on your trip back to Sweden, and hopefully you will be in less pain for the trip.