Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goodmorning China!

A few hours back in China and so far 63264264 things seem to have happened. Wow, this really IS China. Awesome!

* My mobile has been suspended for some, unknown reason? It worked during the first 10 hours but now I've received messages telling me I should get it fixed. Ahhhh... lovely (yes, it has credit. It just simply isn't possible to use it). I have to make a visit to China Mobile this morning... mmmmm.

* Our flight back from Lijiang to Shanghai next week has been cancelled. I received a note about this in my bf's name to my email?! Even when I replied and signed the emails: "from Jonna" they insisted on calling me my bf's name back. Hihi. Anyways, now we've got a new flight back to Shanghai. All done over email. Let's hope it isn't a scam!

* Remember the expensive TV repair we went through sometime in June? Well guess what, the box is broken AGAIN! Oh, our landlords are going to love this!

* Night one in Suzhou was spent at a farewell BBQ as one of our friends is leaving. I had almost forgotten what a "you come for some years and then you go back"-place China is to most people. Kind of sad. But I bet there are will be least 8687364 new people here only this fall.

Yeah, just some small things. Already more action here than during 2 months in Finland, haha! It's surely great to be back but I am quite jet-lagged still so it will take me yet another day to adjust I think. Oh, and tomorrow me and mom are off to Yunnan! Already! I'm a bit too tired at this moment to be excited. First we have today to deal with: clothes making at the Suzhou wedding street. I bet I will come home tonight with some new, interesting stories.


Diederik said...

Welcome back! And have fun in Yunnan!

Reyjr said...

Murphy is after you. :D

Carl said...

Glad you had a good trip back to China, Jonna. Enjoy!

Martin said...

Glad to hear that SHE is back in China.

Brad Farless said...

Asia is definitely more exciting, at least by comparison. I remember the days I spent in Georgia, where everything ran together and nothing seemed special or even important.

WoAi said...

Welcome back! Sorry due to the block I haven't been visiting as often as before. And just as you're back, I'm heading for MY long trip to Europe. We'll have to have that get together finally ... In October.