Friday, February 5, 2010

Wing-woman for the exotic beauty

I have a Chinese female friend that’s really pretty. She’s Shanghainese, skinny, fashionable, and she always look great –because she’s aware of it! Hence why her beauty is very obvious as well as confident. She’s been single for ages though, something I’ve always found a bit strange, but then again, I have assumed that she enjoys dating. When I saw her some weeks ago in Hong Kong, however, she opened up and confessed that she would really like to meet a man:

-Well I’m sure you’ve got plenty of guys lining up! I said, meaning every word of it.

-Nah, actually not that many. I mean, I know I am popular but it is hard to find a good man!

-Yeah I bet! I am happy I don’t have to search myself,
I said.

-Well you would be popular here too if you were single.

-Hahahah, noooooo! I laughed. I’m way too tall for China!

-Well, yeah, that’s true. But I didn’t mean that you would be popular the way I am. But you have a good heart. I think men like that.

I didn’t really know how to reply to that (no girlfriend has ever said to me: “you might not be as beautiful as I am, but at least you have a good heart!”) so I just laughed.

We continued the discussion, finished our drinks and decided to leave. On our way out we walked through the bar and ended up on the street where I started waving for a taxi when my friend, who had been walking behind me, suddenly grabbed me:

-Hey, I just realized that you and I get a lot of attention! We are a good team! I am this exotic woman and you are this… laowai! For some reason it looks good… We should go out more often together!

-Eh… OK?

-Yeah! I saw many guys looking at us! It must be exciting for them to see a western and a Chinese girl together!

-Eh… right?

-So will you go out with me more often? I really need to meet someone!

-Ehh… sure?

-Great! I think we are going to be a good team!

-Ehhh… Okay!

So there we go: the exotic beauty and the good-hearted laowai. Now I’m officially a… what is it they call it? Wing-woman? No, sorry, almost forgot: a good-hearted wing-woman!


Pingu said...

awesome :)

Good luck to her...and you ;)

Anonymous said...

You're her sidekick now! When do you get your TV show?

wei said...

Wow, that's funny. Since you two are good friends, that's okey. In China, we call it "做电灯泡". Nothing negative if u r good friends. I used to go out with my best friends who normaly "做电灯泡". In the end, his current wife is exactly the one i used to date. I thought he was ""电灯泡", but in the end i am "电灯泡". It took me ten years to forgive them.

Chocolatesa said...

I think the more appropriate term would be sidekick :)

Harvee said...

Hope you meet someone too, if you need to , that is :)

Regan said...

I am your 1000th follower! Haha. I love reading your blog. You have many great experiences. I live in the US and I just love reading about your adventures in China. Keep it up!

Peter said...

In China you can always count on someone telling you the truth about how they think you look. In a way very liberating, but also quite chocking at times.

Looking forward to hearing more about how you guys attract a good man for the exotic beauty ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sidekick Jonna !!!!

Pete In Syracuse said...

I agree with "Kanmuri" - But I'm also aware that this girl might have confidence but not as much as you think. She feels she needs support, "your support" to get attention she can't get on her own. Maybe it's your kean understanding of people she doesn't have & that's what she want to get from you. You know is the guy just after me because I look good or can he really see me!!

Jonna Wibelius said...

First of all, 1000 followers?! Wow! That's a big time-yeeeey!! Thanks for pointing it out Regan! :)

And thanks to the rest of you pointing out that I'll be her sidekick, not "wing-woman." Haha,I just assumed it would be called a wing-woman, seeing that men often speak of their "wing-man." (I sps I can forget the Swede in me but the Swede in me cannot forget where I come from... :))

Kanmuri -Tv show?! yeah, I wish! :)

Wei -Thanks for sharing, I didn't know it was called 电灯泡 in Chinese!

Book -naaah, I'm perfectly happy with my China king :)

Peter -it's true that they are painfully honest over here! Sometimes I cannot stand it -but other times I just laugh at it.

Pete -not sure. She's drop dead gorgeous and super confident. But then again, who knows?

amiel said...

u didn't post your friend's pic... so we could decide if she's what you say she is; pretty and all. hehehe.

Unknown said...

Keep her as your friend!

胡崧 said...

I guess you are not familiar with the concept of "剩女“ aka "leftover ladies"...

Wannes said...


This story reminds me of something an older and "more experienced" chinese guy told me:
he said most chinese men would find very attractive women "dangerous" and prefer to marry a nice, kind, not-dangerous-looking woman...
maybe this explains her behaviour and situation?


Anonymous said...

sorry to be rude, but it sounds like she is using you to get to men. if she was your "good" friend, she wouldn't be exploiting you for resources....Also it is also typical for chinese to be blunt to the point of being painfully honest which is a very annoying trait and a lack of tact!!!

Jonna Wibelius said...

amiel -naaah, I would not do that. I know she's pretty and that's enough for me.

Keats -sure, I will. She's great fun! Not my deepest level of friendship but she's someone that always makes me laugh!

胡崧-yes, I am familiar with that term. However, what has that to do with this?

Wannes -I thought that was a quite universal view. Men sleep with the bad girl but marry the good girl... no?

anonymous -of course she is! Which is the funny bit about this story -that's why I chose to share it! She wants to go out w me to attract more attention than she already gets -and she's not ashamed to admit it! Haha, I think her honesty is something between blunt and refreshing! :)

胡崧 said...

I am positive your friend falls under the category of "剩女". Lets see, she is 25-28ish, probably financially successful, and LOVES attention. The thing with Chinese ladies that fit this profile is that they want their partner to be more successful than them financially and socially.(e.g. have a nice apartment with no mortgage, a car and a very-well paid job) The problem is that the Chinese guys that fit their requirements are usually older than them (around 30-35 or so), and they dont have to go after them because they have much better options. (e.g. find a girl who is 22-24, less picky and more complacent). If there is one thing I know about them is that they just REFUSE to lower their standards or they have significant character flaw that seriously turn guys off. Thus, their selection is very narrow if they will have even less to choose from when they grow older. This is why Chinese parents usually push their daughters to marry before 25.

p.s. Loving attention is a SERIOUS turn-off to Chinese guys, which is probably why she is still single right now, and Shanghainese women usually have a pretty bad reputation for being materialistic. Soo...yeah...

Jonna Wibelius said...

胡崧 -Chi men hates attention obsessed girls? Reeeeaaaaally? That's not the impression I've been getting... This girl is actually real picky, so I believe it's her who has been ending her relationships... but then again, what do I know. anyways, I am not after judging my friend, she can live her life the way she wants to -I just wanted to share a fun story!

Netster23 said...

what a great story! You go girl! get her a man! :) I wish I was there and I would love to meet her hahahahaha

Cheers XOXO

Melody said...

Haha, I couldn't stop laughing after reading this post. Experienced kind of the same thing with a Chinese friend of mine. She kept telling me that "I'm not as pretty as she was, but -I have a good heart and I'm a good cook-" Well.. thanks girl! Haha.

But she's definitely using you to get even more attention than she's already getting. Hm..

Anonymous said...

Love to see her photo. Beutiful Chinese women .... sigh.

Fortune Cookie said...

I love this story... even better the second time. I can only imagine what would happen with you, me and "said girl."

Anonymous said...

I simply love your sarcasm. loll