Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Berlin

Unfortunately there will be a limited amount of blog posts this week, due to me being in Berlin to attend a meeting. I simply have very little time for anything but listening, networking, and discussing, not to mention drinking coffee during all the coffee breaks (this is a Swedish meeting, after all!).

Have to take this opportunity to mention that I hold great respect for those business travellers that go back and forth between China and Europe. This is the second time I'm in Europe over the last 2 weeks, and I feel pretty knackered. Also, my whole body is completely messed up. It doesn't know when to sleep, eat, feel hungry, feel full, feel active, and so on, leaving me having to battle the feeling of napping at 4pm and the feeling of having breakfast at 2am. Oh well, could have been worse. Some people actually do this every month. Or every single week?! Respect.


Martin said...

That's a lot of traveling you are doing. Good luck in Berlin.

SHUO said...

Maybe it's easy for me to say but I really am envious of you for travelling and explore so much. We're waiting to hear all your adventure there.^^