Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year -with 300 rmb Chinese meals in Australia

New year, new beginnings, no new resolutions (I cannot really think of anything?! Normally it's stuff like "eat more healthy and exercise more" but I think I'm at an OK place right now when it comes to all of that. The yoga is proving to be a nice "sidekick" to the running, and guess what I started doing last week?! Bellydancing! Woho!)... I'm having an absolutely fantastic time here in Australia! One thing is for sure, China has damaged me. Everything over here seems so small and tiny, almost as if it's not a city for real. I cannot help it. But imagine that I used to live here when I was 19-22 yrs old, thinking that Perth was a "big city!" I probably still would if I'd never moved to Shanghai. Oh well.

It's unreal but fantastic to be back. The sky is amazingly blue. The climate is fantastic. The people are... wonderful! I cannot believe people actually live like this, every single day of the year. For me it feels like a paradise, like living a dream (yes, we are already talking about trying to move to Australia once we have finished with China -won't be for a long while though).

Food is great, but portions are huge (we have started sharing everything because we simply cannot finish our meals) and last night the Chinese geeks came out in us and we decided to eat at a dingy Chinese joint for NY. We ordered broccoli sauteed in garlic and some spicy ribs, 2 bottles of qingdao and 2 bowls of rice: 40 dollars! (like 300 rmb) INSANE!! And no, it wasn't even good, even though the owner (a Singaporean woman) insisted they were practicing "real" Chinese cooking (the "ribs" were deep-fried). So no more Chi food while over here.

The only dark cloud on this beautiful holiday is various health-hiccups... I don't know if it's simply bad luck or what, but I will tell you about them in another post a bit later today. Need your help and advices more than ever!!


mantse said...

Happy New Year~~

Anonymous said...

Which Chinese restaurant did you go to? There are some decent Chinese food in Perth. When I say Chinese food, it's Cantonese food more specifically. You won't get good Northern Chinese, Sichuan, Hunan etc food here :/
Malaysian / Singaporean / hawker food is pretty good here too. Avoid Japanese and Korean.

Yeming Rouw said...

I've had a lotta rain in Melbourne :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonna,

About the Chinese restaurant, don't mistake Singaporean for being the same as mainland chinese. Sure, they are the same racial type, but the culture is different, which extends to the food.

If you ever visit SG, one thing you'll notice is the HUGE amount of chilli they eat. At Mcdonalds, they even have chilli dispensers next the the straws and napkins. That's how much they eat.

That's why I never eat their "hong kong cuisine".

Glad to see you're enjoying trip in Perth, despite the blisters :)

Take care,