Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Net-less in Shanghai

Dear blog readers, forgive my absence. Since I got back to China last week I've been without an internet connection. Hopefully we'll get it fixed soon (I'm thinking tomorrow!). Until then.


Anonymous said...

Glad you will be blogging soon..miss your entries.

Anonymous said...

i'll be waiting at your blog pressing f5 continuously.

flyingfish said...

Good luck! We miss you and will be glad to see you when you return.

Erin Helgerson said...

Hi Jonna!
My name is Erin and I'm from Los Angeles, but am in Shanghai about 50% of the time for my work as a fashion designer.
I've been reading through your blog and have many questions from a fellow blogger in Shanghai!
Firstly, how do you use Blogger in China? I can never get it to work, at work or at my hotel (I stay at the Oakwood on Wu Ning Lu and Puxiong Lu in the Putuo District of Puxi). Do you have a special trick for that?
Thanks for letting me know! I'll be back for a month March 20th-April 16th!

Jonna Wibelius said...

Hi Erin -wow, u have the best job ever. I saw that u are here during Shanghai fashion week in April. Do u normally go?

Blogger, Facebook, twitter, youtube etc are all blocked in China. U have to access them via a proxy server, or by using a VPN. I recommend u to use a VPN. There are many different ones, u normally have to pay a monthly or a yearly fee... but it's nothing outrageous I think we pay 6 euro/month or something like that. Totally worth it!! The VPN works so that when u go online, u also connect to a server in the US or in Europe and via that server u can access everything u want. It's a must for surviving in China!