Friday, February 19, 2010

Stockholm week coming to an end

Royal palace
The church where our crown princess will get married this summer I believe?
Parliament house

An intense week is coming to an end. Instead of lazying around in Shanghai avoiding being hit by firecrackers I’ve spent this week attending more meetings that I thought one could possible attend in Stockholm. It’s been useful and great, but now I’m ready to head back to Shanghai’s snow-free streets and comfortable temperatures. I’ve had it with minus 5-10 degrees, snow, wind and ice on the roads. Besides, I don’t have the right kind of clothes for this weather. This winter has been one of the longest and hardest ones in Swedish history (and I think that goes for many countries), and although it was fun for a while (especially around Christmas), I think most people over here are ready for spring!

Heading to Malmö tonight to spend the weekend with my folks before I fly back to Shanghai. Especially keen to return to a life of cheap lunches, rice bowls, spicy eggplants and chopsticks. (Gosh, it has become hard to be away from Chinese food). 


Unknown said...

I bet you're ready to do away with the winter clothes. Goodbye to winter too!! Here in KL, it is hot, hot - hovering around 34 celcius.

Hampers said...

All the pictures on your blog looks awesome. I admire those lenses you are having. They are so vivid and charming.

Pete In Syracuse said...

with so much Global warming one could get frost

Martin said...

I really love reading your blog. Here in Canada, the winter has actually been pretty easy, compared to other years. Maybe we just sent it all over to Stockholm.

Looking forward to future blogs.

Dr. Heckle said...

I thought everyone was having mild winters this year because of global warming and El Niño. Encouraging in a way to hear that it's cold somewhere.

Jonna Wibelius said...

keats -ahhhh, don't tell me that!!! But then again, i'm more of a spring kind of girl. Maybe this year I'll try to fully embrace the humid heat. Try!

Hampers -really??! Eh, these shots were taken w a pretty basic camera. But thanks!

Pete -yeah, I guess it's not a bad sign that it can still get really cold over here.

Martin -thanks, that's so great to hear!! :) So it's YOUR winter that we've been getting?! I sps it is not that bad if you wear the right clothes. Unfortunately I did not. At all. My bad. Maybe next year I'll invest in something proper.

Dr Heckle -yeah u r right. A really cold winter is a good sign. Just so darn cold. Especially when the wind blows... brrrr!!

Unknown said...

I miss Chinese food. It's very hard to find the nice chinese restaurant in Sweden. So far, I found one, Canton House, in Göteborg is kind of OK. I heard one restaurant called LAOWAI in Stockholm is good. I think I may go there one day when I have time. Wish I can find a job that half time in China and half time in Sweden. I am homesick now...