Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dress rehearsal -Jin Xing's dancers wearing Swedish design

In order to pull off something really special on May 23, the Swedish Expo Committee commissioned the Swedish Institute (SI) to create something special. The result? Well: SI decided to work with one of China's most famous choreographers, Jin Xing, and her dance company. In order to integrate Sweden to the performance, the dancer wore clothes designed by Swedish designers: Martin Bergström, Nakkna, Sandra Backlund, Ann-Sofie Back and Göran Sundberg and performed most of their dance on IKEA tables. Furthermore, the music they danced to was composed by Swedish artists Andreas Unge and Anders Kleerup, and then solo dancer Virpi Pahkinen (who actually grew up in Finland) was integrated into the performance. And the outcome? Well, it actually became really cool! Last week I organized a dress rehearsal at Shanghai Oriental Art Centre to which I invited some Chinese media, just to get a preview of what was to come. Here are some photos and videos from that:

Jing Xing and a dancer wearing Martin Bergström
Sandra Backlund design
Dancers wearing Göran Sundberg


flyingfish said...

How exciting! I well remember seeing Jin Xing perform here in Beijing back in 1996. One of the pieces was called "谁看谁?” I recall looking over at the person seated next to me and seeing tears rolling down her cheeks.

Wei said...

She is the most famous transsexual dancer in China. I saw her performance around 23 years ago, that time she is a man. I was so shocked someone could dance like that. She dances with her soul.