Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chinese celebrity party

Last night I went to what I suppose can be described as a “Chinese celebrity party.” The magazine “Femina” celebrated 2 years and that was done by throwing a big bash at a club in downtown Shanghai. All the concepts for success were in place: famous models, catwalk, dress code (“a dash of green”), singers, TV-personalities, photographers, flashing lights and a whole Femina editorial team dressed in green! Me, in my modest attempt (some green jewellery) have never felt more underdressed.

Now, the one thing I understand about these kind of events is that celebrities are crucial. The more the better. As soon as my workmate and I walked in, we were greeted by our Femina contact, who kept gushing about how many celebs that were there. Not that we really got to hang out with them. They all kept to the VIP room “backstage,” carefully guarded by some of the biggest Chinese bouncers and security staff I’ve ever seen (the Swedish king’s security force was nothing compared to these beefcakes. Then again, maybe the King’s security guys were Ninjas?).

The night went on with everything from speeches, singing performances, fashion shows and dance. Most stuff took place on the second floor’s terrace, which would have been lovely if it wasn't for the fact that it was raining.

My personal highlight of the night was when Taiwanese male model Godfrey Tsao came strutting down the catwalk. Some girls did the whole fan-shrieking, and the whole situation felt very celebrity and unreal-like.

Unfortunately I don’t know the names of the other celebs, maybe someone can help pointing them out to me? Overall I thought it was a fun night. A limited amount of laowais, and it was fun to watch how the Chinese socialites and “somebodies” were partying.

Note to self: work on some kind of do-able photo pose. I felt like an idiot every time a photographer approached, not knowing how to stand or how to smile (should I smile? Is a smile considered cool enough?!), and as I result I'm pretty sure I'm blushing on every single shot. The Chinese guests were MUCH better than me, keeping a very professional and high-end profile, and posing as if it was their daily job every time a cameraman came near. Me must learn if I ever want to go to this kind of event again.

Not sure who this singing babe is

Hunky Godfrey Tsao
Godfrey Taso, 2 girls I don't know who they are, as well as a male TV personality (at least I've seen him on TV several times)


Joyce Lau said...

I have a friend in HK who -- every time anyone points a camera at her -- turns sideways, sucks in her stomach puts her hand on her waist, and makes a big smile. (She's Canadian).
We laugh at her, because it is pretty funny. That said, she always looks thinner and happy in photos.

pilgrimchick said...

Awesome experience.

Katie said...

Looks fun! You're right, that guy is totally hunky.
Love your blog!
Dying to visit Shanghai one day!