Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello, dreamland

Finally, finally, finally... After 5,5 years of longing and missing, I'm going back. Back to visit the best place on earth. Back to swim at the most beautiful beaches and to hang out with the friendliest people. Back to a place where the buss drivers greet you with a "hello love!" (if you're a gall) or "g'day mate" (if you're a guy). Yesssss... you probably guessed it by now. I'm going to Australia!!! A two-week holiday is coming up soon after Xmas, and I seriously cannot wait!!


Anna Davidson said...

Have a brilliant time in Oz Jonna! If you're in Sydney at all, let me know! Glad to see that you're back blogging, your posts make me miss China!!!

Hy said...

I find you very fascinating and your blog as well.

Do you use Facebook? If yes, I'd like to add you on Facebook as a friend :)

Jonna Wibelius said...

Anna -only going to WA this time... I hope u r having a great time in Sydney. I'm deeply jealous of you living there!!

Hy -Thank you -even though I don't see where your fascination comes from?! :) I'm very ordinary!

As for Facebook -I have it, but I only use it for communicating and staying in touch with my long-term friends, not for connecting with new people. Besides, it doesn't work that well in China anyway.

Hy said...

Right...I forgot that Chinese monitors all kinds of internet activities over there :P

James said...

Greetings from Perth, Jonna. I'm looking forward to summer too, snorkelling and kayaking at the beach, sun setting into the sea and a ice cold beer at the pub afterwards. I'm off to China shortly 'though, I will enjoy that too, hopefully cooler by then.