Monday, March 14, 2011

Babies and natural disasters

Baby Sam (who's not that small anymore) has gotten a baby sister.

It feels a bit strange to try and write a ”regular” blog post with everything that’s going on in Japan. The tsunami aftermath is simply horrific, I almost cannot read the news updates and look at the pictures. Makes it hard to go on and think about other “normal” stuff, even though it’s impossible not to.

One stream of light in this darkness is that my sister gave birth to her second child just the other night. A baby girl, quite big (4300 grams) as she was 12 days “delayed.” This gorgeous little baby girl (who is yet to be given a name) is my second niece (+ one nephew) that has been born while I’ve been in China. At times like this I get insanely homesick. And when I get like that, I go on shameless baby shopping sprees, making sure I get this baby everything that she could possibly need from her aunt in China (yeah, Sam and Malou –my other nephew/niece are the best dressed babies in Malmö. One Christmas when I was going home I literally filled the whole suitcase with baby clothes). Not much else I can do from here.

Other than that it’s been a good wknd, that unfortunately went by a bit too fast. It’s a lot warmer in Shanghai compared to what it was like last year at this time (it was around 18 degrees this wknd and we sat outside and enjoyed lunch). It’s wonderful at the moment but I’m not looking forward to when the thermometer shows 35 degrees again. Then again, nothing I can do about that, so better just to go with it than to complain and worry about it. There are more important things to worry about. My heart goes out to everyone in Japan.


flyingfish said...

What utterly splendid timing! We all needed that boost. Here's to Baby Girl!

E said...

shanghai is a coast city isn't it? this might sound a little rediculous but i think you should get prepared to deal with natural disasters. keep a first aid kit and some emeregency food at home. it could mean the difference between life and death. who knows what's gonna happen next...

be safe everyone!

Arielle said...

I definitely know what you mean - the plight of Japan is certainly heart-wrenching. Although so many have died, a new life has entered the world! What a reminder to live each day to its fullest.

Anonymous said...

how cute,
she reminds me of a rug rat character.