Monday, March 28, 2011

Moganshan -莫干山

This wknd we did something that was long due: got away from Shanghai and spent the wknd surrounded by beautiful nature and clean air! Yes, some friends and I went to Moganshan!

Moganshan is located some hours outside of Hangzhou, so first we took a train to Hangzhou and then we had ordered a car to pick us up from there, taking us straight to Moganshan. You can apparently take a couple of buses too, but it was Friday night, and after a long week in the office it felt nice to get there without too much hassle.

We stayed in a gorgeous cabin that had everything we needed (including an open fire and an ayi that cooked us delicious meals every day!) for a kick-a** wknd. We spent the day hiking, sitting in the sun, eating some good food, playing yatzi and card games, enjoying good wines and just relaxing. After a spring of visitors and Shanghai-sightseeing, this was just what we needed: a city break with a view. I could recommend it to anyone!

We stayed at the Naked retreat, which was pricy but worth every penny if you ask me (then again, I have never been to Moganshan before so I can’t really compare it to anything else). Regardless of where you stay, though, the nature and the air are the best parts and those come for free. Oh, and guess what, I also had a Sweden-flash-back as you could drink the tap water up there! Yes, you heard me. The tap water was so clean that you could drink it. Heeeeeeaven! Now if that’s not a luxury I don’t know what is (I’m a bit of a camel –I drink litres of water every day).


Unknown said...

Wow! Great post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ayaya!it s kind of my hometown...i leave in the small county called Wukang, just near you feel nervous when the car driving to the top of mountain? haha...
you can try the resort called XiaZhu Lake next time, also good and has tasty food there. not far from Mogan Mountain.

Anonymous said...

I think my blood pressure dropped about 10 points just looking at those pictures. Wow, that would certainly become a frequent getaway for me.