Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting ready for a road trip

Yesterday I waved goodbye to my parents, took a 15 minutes train to Copenhagen airport, and jumped on a plane to Finland. Got to love the small distances over here. 5 hours after getting on that train I was in Finland, and I didn’t even have to show my passport.

Nice to be back here again, although since this is my last week of holiday I’m not going to stay put. The plan for this week is a road trip through this beautiful country! All planned and mapped out by my significant other (who arrived here some days ago), I had no idea about this trip so guess who’s excited?! I won’t bring my computer (as we will be travelling to small cities with some spectacular nature, I don’t want to waste any time in front of the computer) but I might pre-post some picture specials tonight to make sure the blog won’t look the same for 5 days straight. Let’s see. As for now I thought I’d share some shots from a rainy, but beautiful night, observed from my bedroom window in Sweden.

Now: time to pick up the rental car. Wiiiiiii!


Pete In Syracuse said...

It's great your able to leave the computer behind it must mean your going to be able to break away from everything and just rest, that's healthy. I've seen so many people who are hooked to a computer, phone or some other electronic device, punching away on the keys in a group of others on vacation. They of course are not particapating in the group, but smack in the middle in their own little world, missing the moment around them.
You have a great time & really enjoy yourself by being pampered in some way, shape or form to have a memory better than a

Charles in Hong Kong said...

Loved your blog!

Jonna Wibelius said...

Pete -you're right. Sometimes, leaving the computer behind is the best thing... :)

Charles -glad to hear that! :)