Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Itchy and jet-lagged

Back in China with a hellish jet-lag. Didn’t get any sleep on the plane (for some reason I always get seated next to a group of people who wants to drink wine and engage in deep talks –that gets louder and louder- all night long. Fun! Not.) and then when I got home I still couldn’t sleep. When night time came… still no sleep. Well at least not until 5am. However, guess who woke up feeling everything but perky (but still unable to get back to sleep) at 7am. Yeah, it’s lovely isn’t it.

I know there’s no need to fret. Eventually it will go away. But being tired (and not able to sleep) plus having itchy rashes on my arms and legs (is it only me who gets this every time I visit Europe? It’s almost as if I am allergic to clean water/air because every time I leave China I get this!) is not making me the happiest person on earth at the moment. I have a funny story to tell but I will wait until I feel a bit less grumpy.


马麟 said...

Hey, you're not the only one cannot sleep well. At least you don't have to do anything with your brain. I spent several days to wrote papers, no night is comfortable.
Hope you get fine soon. Then I can enjoy your post again.
About your rashes, is it hard to find out reason? Maybe next time come to Lund, we'll have you diagnosed.Yes, like a white rat.

Anonymous said...

I usually get the hellish jet lag the other way around. Going from Japan to Canada is the worst thing ever.
And as for planes, I don't get the catty people, I always get the crying babies...

Hang in there!


You are not allergic to clean air, it's just your body purging the impurities of the toxic Shanghai smog.

Water-water-water and Breathe.
Be well.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Thanks guys... I've caught up with sleep but the rash is still a disaster.

Esdras said...

As for the itchyness i have the following explanation (having suffered from that):

1 - the pork meat...
2 - the dry weather
3 - the hard water

What do you think?