Friday, June 4, 2010

Going to Sheshan 佘山

上次去呼和浩特了,现在去佘山! Last time it was Hohhot, this time I'm off to Sheshan

You can tell that summer’s in the air! People are starting to feel restless, are starting to move, keen to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle. I’m no exception. I was over the moon when my significant other revealed that he’d booked us a wknd in Sheshan, leaving early tomorrow morning.

Sheshan is in fact a hill, located some 30-40 km outside of Shanghai. It’s supposed to be quite nice with a church, a national park, and so on. I’m very excited about going, even though it means I miss out on the National Day celebration at the Swedish pavilion on Sunday (June 6 is the real national day of Sweden).

Most of my friends are going away this wknd though, some catching a flight to Hong Kong, others going to Macau (where I still haven’t been –HAVE to go at some point!). When I lived in Scandinavia I used to feel happy about the fact that it was so easy to go for a long wknd to another country (and frequently went to visit friends/family in London and Brussels) but in China it’s actually almost the same. Spend a few hours and you get to a completely new place, however still in the same country. There’re so many places to explore over here. Love it!

What's your best wknd-getaway in China? Share! I might need inspiration for next weekend too... hehe!


Jane said...

we are living in shenzhen,we also have the problem.Often i search online to check some interesting place near shenzhen.

here are some sites about outdoor activity,scroll down the page until you see 上海,many sites:

we will go to Macau in Duanwu festival,it is easy as we can take boat here from shenzhen^^

good day!

Tarja said...

Hi! We have the same plans for the weekend... if you see a lot of noisy finns with crazy kids, that's us =)

******************** Shanghai MiFeng said...

Jonna , I've been there with my Wife and my Mom and Uncle . It's very nice place , with the old Cat. Church sitting on top . That was burned down many times . There is a Tramway going up and a Slide coming down , lot's of Fun . I was there in August though , not a good idea . Sweating so bad , our clothes were soaked .. one could wring them out . They call it Shanghai Mountain , but it's like you said .. only a Hill . At the Gate , it starts out with about a 100 or so Stairs to warm you up for the rest of the Climb to the top if deciding to walk up instead the Tram . You'll enjoy it .

Jonna Wibelius said...

Jane -thanks for the tips!

Tarja -hey, I saw a lot of Finns but was unsure if you were in the group?!

Mifeng -I didn't make it to the church... I was so lazy I just stayed by the pool all the time. Shame on me!