Friday, April 1, 2011

清明节 -Qingming Jie -Tomb Sweeping Festival

Sometime between this wknd and Monday and Tuesday it’s Qingming Jie –Tomb Sweeping Day, a day to honour those that have passed by visiting grave sites and/or burning everything from paper money to paper cars on their graves (or, on the street if you don’t make it to the graveyard). Unfortunately, I don’t get this holiday off, so while the rest of China are burning paper money/going shopping, I’ll be in the office, working away. I really dislike these kinds of holidays, because there are different rules for everyone, making it kind of hard to get something done: some have to work this wknd in order to get Monday and Tuesday off. Some don’t work this wknd but still get Monday and Tuesday off. I don’t have to work this wknd (who wants to work on the wknd anyway? What a silly rule?!) and I don’t get Monday and Tuesdays off. And then some seem to be working on Monday, only to have Tuesday and Wednesday off?!

Ah, trying to get my head around this system is pointless. On top of that there are so many things to keep in mind, like:

-Special opening hours for the gym
-Special opening hours for the yoga club
-No lunch specials in restaurants on Monday and Tuseday (and Wednesday? Not sure!)
-Some places might be closed
-Loads of people in the shops (typical, as I really need to do some shopping)
…and so on.

This is also a time when buying things like train tickets/flight tickets gets really hard, so don’t even try to go there.

Oh, and don’t forget to honour those who passed away! That’s what this circus is all about.


胡崧 said...

try I buy my plane tickets from there.

Plus, free ticket delivery as well. :)

Ramesh said...

In these days when cremation is mandated, tomb sweeping seems an anachronism. The spirit of remembering those who have passed away is of course strong, but not at all clear where shopping comes into this !

WoAi said...

The actual day is Tuesday. I'm in HK and Tuesday is a holiday but everyone works Monday. In China we work Saturday but get Monday and Tuesday off, but some companies don't follow the weekend rule, so they have Saturday off and work Monday (but still get Tueday off). I don't think anyone gets Wednesday off though.

If you don't work Saturday you should at least get Tuesday off but work Monday!