Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let's get physical

The gym that I go to in Shanghai is an exciting place. I see so many funny things there every time that I go there, I just have to share some with you:

• I was just about to get dressed after my shower when I girl in tracksuit pants came in and started changing next to me. After slipping out of her pants she put on a pair of skimpy shorts and a minimal top, and sat down in front of the mirror. There, she took out here make up bag, and a bag of KFC chicken wings and started snacking while applying her make-up. Note: this was BEFORE she proceeded to the actual gym to work out.

• Two PT:s (Personal Trainer) in front of a mirror next to the free weights. One is fixing his hair and one is squeezing a zit.

• Girls coming straight from the shower, butt naked and dripping wet. But instead of using a towel, they grab the public hairdryer and use that to dry themselves!

• A guy, so busy with checking out himself in the mirror while he's running on the treadmill, that he eventually loses balance and falls off the machine.

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