Friday, April 17, 2009

Rumors have it

Only one 'soon-to-be-a-bride' in this photo! I think we can all guess who?!

I haven’t been to the gym for ages, and ages… the reasons are many: visit from my sister, knee pain (although that’s a lame one!), sore throat (really!) and then this week has been all about morning runs and working late, but yesterday I decided to make it out there.

My favorite trainer friends greeted me, all eying me up and down, asking me what I’ve been up to (although no one said I looked ‘fat’ –which is an improvement! Normally when I make a gym-comeback the trainers take turn in telling me that I look all chubby and round. The only thing I was asked this time was if I had grown taller? “Ehhh, not what I know of, although I don’t really measure myself nowadays?!”), before one of them said:

-So you are getting married?

-Ehhh no!

-Well I saw you last week with the bride in that bride’s shop. And then you guys were walking on the street…

-Ehhh yeah, we were doing a photo shoot.

-Yeah, so you are getting married!

-Eh, no no. My sister –the girl who was in the dress!!!- is getting married. Not me.

-Oh, so no shoot for you?

-No shoot for me.

We were quiet for a moment (And was it only me or did everyone look kind of disappointed at the fact that I wasn’t getting married?!) before I said:

-But like… when you saw me, wasn’t I then in my normal clothes?!


-So why would I get married? Just because I was standing next to a girl in a bride’s dress?

-I don’t know. But we all thought so…

(Simultaneous nodding and 'mmmmm' mumbling from the group).

Geez, OK lads. Hold your horses. Glad I made it back to the gym sooner rather than later to sort out this untrue Jonna-is-getting-married-rumor.

Also, an important lesson to be learned from this experience: Better make sure never to gym with a bloated stomach. If them seeing me next to a ‘bride’ make them believe that I am about to get hitched then seeing me with a bit of a belly must send instant ‘Jonna-is-preggers’-ideas to their heads. So note to self here: never gym with bloated belly. Never, never, never.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold babies or get close to them either ;)

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny how quickly those rumors spread! I had several people congratulate me on a wedding engagement in one day. I still have no idea how that one got started.

Jackie said...

too funny! Were they happy to think you were getting hitched or disappointed?

WoAi said...

Congratulations Jonna, when's the baby due?

The Casual Observer said...

Maybe they thought bride-ism was contagious, like the flu.

Er, wait, that doesn't sound very good.


Rambler said...

I'm tempted to go to a gym just because I want to meet friends like yours.

Christopher said...

That was hilarious :) Don't feel too bad about not going to the gym for a while, I've not been for two years! I am planning on joining one soon, but quite frankly, I'm terrified!

Kikit said...

Another lesson: Don't assume too much. Haha :)

Hope you'll catch the bridal bouquet. :)

Pete In Syracuse said...

Maybe they just wanted to hear about what was going on at the photo shoot? Sometimes I wonder if that's a way to get info from people by asking a strange question. Like I was in Thailand in a rural northern area and there had not been alot of fair skinned people seen there. I was asked if I was a girl, even though I was sporting a mustache at the time (my first response was MY must be some ugly women around here)? Later I realized that was their way of finding out who I was & what was I doing there. As for the taller thing I've been told when I've lost weight that I look taller, maybe with all that running you look trimmer to them & the look of disappointment was that they think you don't need them as much? I don't know. I get that look of disoppointment at differant times when talking to my employers (who are Chinese) & I always reevaluate what I've said because I don't want to offend anyone by accident. Maybe when they look at me like that I should grill them to find out what they are thinking. (Maybe it's like the resturant ritual thing about everyone fight over the check when everyone knows the one who invited the guests is going to pay?) Sometimes I'm so codependant sometimes I worry that I've offended someone & reading into the situation like it's my fault! Well I guess it's better to question than to be like a bulldozer and just plow through & not be sensitive to those around me?

mantse said...

they very care on this~~~ really are good friends~~

Brad Farless said...

Off topic, Jonna, but I found a bookcase in Singapore today that was made in Sweden in the 1880s. It is selling for 26k SGD (13,293 EUR). Thought you might find it interesting.

Jonna Wibelius said...

kanmuri -note taken. I'll stay away from babies for a while!

flowgirl1 -hahaha, that's hilarious!!!

Jackie -happy!! I think they are all secretly thinking that it's 'about time I get hitched and have a baby soon!'

woai -stop scaring me. I'm still a baby myself...

casual observer -hahaha, no, that doesn't sound very good. I won't pass that one on to my soon-to--get-married-sis :)

tripfriend -u should! the gym is my fave place here in Suzhou... sounds sad, but I always have a great time there :)

Chris -no no, don't be scared. Gyms here in China are hilarious.. once u get used to the 'staring contest' in the dressing rooms that is. Nowadays I always come changed coz I got so sick of changing in front of curious eyes.

Kikit -the wedding isn't until October... I think my other (older) sis is a better 'catching the bridal bouquet candidate!

Pete In Syracuse -interesting point. I especially like your theory of them telling me I am 'looking tall' (= looking trimmed?! Ja, ja, ja!!!). But u r probably right about them asking because they just want some info.... Considering how many strange questions I've gotten in China at least 30% of them has to be 'break the ice' and fish for some info...

Mantse -yeah, they are great guys indeed!

Brad F -gosh, that's really something!!! Sounds cool although I keep wondering who would pay so much for a bookcase, no matter how old it is...

Brad Farless said...

Jonna - typical Singaporean mentality = "If it's expensive, I should buy it, because that means it's cool, and, by default, I'll be cool too." This is a consumerist economy on crack. Anything that shows the slightest hint of being luxury or posh in any way has the price hiked up to 3 or 4 times what it should be. Even ice cream and candy bars are expensive here.

Fragrant Liar said...

Hey, first-time visitor to your blog. Read through a few posts. I am envious that you get around the world, cuz i haven't been nearly as much as I'd like. Hope your sister's wedding is fabulous.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Brad F -interesting attitude...I don't think that I, no matter how rick I would be, would adapt that sort of attitude.... U should come to China and buy your candy bars, here they are cheap as s**, (unless imported f course).

reyjr - :)

Fragrant Liar -my travelling/moving around has been spread out over quite a few years, and also, I was only 19 when I started... I think it is slowly coming to an end however... :/ Have to grow up at some point.