Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post about running: fitness needs to improve, NOW!

So much nature out there just waiting for my feet to explore it... (this photo's from Sweden). I need the fitness to be able to do it!

Last night I decided to give the hills in the forest another try. However, since the lap out there is so short (but tough!) I did an additional 15 minutes on flat ‘city’ ground before I entered the forest. Since running on flat ground doesn’t feel hard I am trying to convince myself that I’m simply ‘hill’ unfit, and not totally ‘unfit in general’… although who knows? Seeing how I was breathing when I got home I am still not convinced…

Anyways, I tried the whole ‘hip out chin in’ style when running down a hill and although I looked like a complete maniac it felt a little bit more stable. So cheers for the advice!

Now I just have to get used to the uphills. Yesterday a fellow male runner passed me in an uphill. He looked completely unfit but kept an immaculate speed, impressing me by taking on the hills with his whole foot (I climb the hills on my toes, otherwise I’d never get up there. This guy put all of his foot down, heels first). I felt extremely jealous and frustrated. To first of all, be passed by another runner (hate it, hate it, hate it! And it never happens in China!) and second of all, to NOT be able to keep up with this little speed ball (I’m very competitive when it comes to sports, did I mention that?!). Anyways, I have to get used to the hills and maybe then I can start working on things like speed and technique. But for now running that one, hilly lap without feeling as if I’m about to die is my goal.

I’d almost forgotten how horrible it is to go running when you’re not running-fit. How long does it take until it gets easier?! Yesterday I did a total of 47 minutes and yeah, like I said, I could barely breathe afterwards. This (non-existent) fitness of mine better improve fast. I hate that my feet/legs feel like concrete rather than feathers… Well, actually, I just hate not being able to enjoy running as much as I normally do. But.. better not give up. I’m giving the hills another go tonight!


Colleen said...

It sounds like you are on your way to being very fit with how much running you're doing! Don't be jealous of the guy running on his heels, that's supposed to slow you down. It's like putting on the breaks so the more you run on your toes the better. I have a hard time with this, but it is easier on the up-hills. Man, maybe I'll go do some hills tomorrow too! Good luck!

Pete In Syracuse said...

My favorite comment is "I'm not competitive I just want to WIN all the time!"


Jonna Wibelius said...

Colleen -very fit? I think I am far from very fit but at least I am trying pretty hard! I took on the hills for a 3d time this week last nite and it was a liiiiiiiittle bit easier, or maybe that was just positive thinking? Anyways, although it is hard to run a.t.m I'm sure it will get easier... eventually!

Pete -hehe... yeah, that sounds a bit like me... :)