Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sometimes silence is golden

Curl your hair and turn into another person?

Monday morning in the office. Since my visiting friend of the wknd that just passed is a hairdresser, I sported gold lock curls in the office, something that received nice comments from my female co-workers, and a somewhat strange comment from my Chinese boss:

-Jonna!!! I’ve been looking at you this morning when you walk around and I have to say that you remind me of someone!

-Oh, who is that?

-Well do you remember this tall, blonde guy that used to work here 4 years ago? Just when you started?

-The GUY?

-Yes, he also had curly hair… his name was… Juha! Even similar to yours!

-Eh… OK. Eh... thanks? Or....? 

Then, 2 hours later during the compulsorily, everybody-needs-to-be-there Monday morning meeting.

Nobody came in late = nobody had to be told s/he looked fat/tired/sad. Wo-ho!

However, my curly hair must have made my boss slightly confused, because just as the meeting was about to close he said:

-Oh, and I’d like to welcome Johanna back here to the company!

-Eh… thank you, thank you. Although I was here last week too!

(…and my name is Jonna not Johanna, although I didn’t say that).

Later in the staff room during lunch an older lady actually asked me if my name was Jonna or Johanna. Lord!


Josie said...

Hmmm, I always wondered this Jonna, but how do you pronounce your name?
Glad you're enjoying Finland!

The Casual Observer said...

I'm growing a goatee now (because I hate shaving that area). I get a lot of strange looks, but people don't confuse me for anyone else.

I can't do much with my hair, because I cut it down to about 1/2 inch - because I hate maintaining my hair.

Wow. I must sound lazy :)

A former neighbor of mine looked completely different in every photo ever taken of her. The smallest changest in hair style, etc, made big impacts on her, for some reason.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Josie -hm... hard to write how to pronounce it... But as long as no one calls me Johanna I am happy. When I lived in Australia I gave up and said my name was Jo rather than Jonna... easier. In Swedish (and with a southern dialect!) I pronounce it with a 'å', as 'Jånna' but it's hard for foreigners since there is no letter 'å' in the English language... :)

Observer -I've always envied guys who have to do very little to maintain their looks. At the same time, however, I like having long hair so I can change things up... but sometimes I think 'man, it must be nice to be a guy and not have to worry about things like make-up and moisturizer!'

Unknown said...

I LOVE your hair in the photo!!! It looks really cute on you. I can't say I have ever experienced what you have experienced at work. When I get a hair cut, no one seems to care except for my co-workers who work next to me.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Joanna -thanks! :) Yeah well being told I reminded my boss of a guy when I wear my hair like that wasn't really what I was going for... :)

Aileen said...

So funny, I have also experienced having to re-introduce myself to people when taking my glasses off and apply some make up! It made me realise how Superman could hide his identify as Clark Kent... ;)

Pete In Syracuse said...

Maybe the guy looked more like a girl? - That could be a comfort - NOT!!!!

I think the hair looks good curly !!!

养蜂猴 said...

Hey, Jonna, you back to Scandinavia now, Aha, so can you find the wooden house nearby the Lapland lake in the spanish movie "Los amantes del Círculo Polar"(The Lovers of the Arctic Circle), I just reviewed the movie got shots in Lapland, Finland, beautiful nature, clear roads and beautiful town.
And, these Chinese guys like me are waiting more your stories encounter with China. Thanks for your stories.
Good luck.

Plumflower said...

Vilka grejer du råkar ut för! Fantastiskt kul! :D