Monday, January 18, 2010

Different nightlife scene

The difference between Suzhou and Shanghai really hit me this weekend. Despite the fact that I was dead tired when I left work on Friday I had decided that unless I felt as if I was about to die, I would go out with a girlfriend and drink cocktails and celebrate being back in town.

Since this girlfriend of mine works in media she pulled out an invitation to an Absolut Rock/Fashion party at some fancy bar in Xintiandi, just as we were finishing off our first cocktail at El Bar on Yongfu Lu. The deal of the party was simple: Jenny Ji fashion show, Absolut Rock specials with open bar (= free drinks), live band, flaring bartenders and a posh setting. We decided to give it a go.

I had almost forgotten the word pretentious since I have not experienced it for a long time in Suzhou (you go into a bar in Suzhou and the staff either pretends they don’t see you and continue chatting to each other, or, they become over-attentive and super friendly), but once we stepped into the lavish surrounding it became clear to me that we were two big nobodies to the not-so-friendly-staff. That was, however, until my friend pulled out her name card which set off a frenzy of air kissing and fake smiling. It was rather entertaining if you ask me.

The party itself was okay. The drinks were nice, the band was quite good. The fashion show… we kind of missed as it was held on the first floor and we had been sent to the third. My friend was only moderately impressed with everything, especially with the staff. However, I have to say that it was nice to be out and about again, even though I felt so tired in the end and almost fell asleep in the taxi on way home. Do I need to mention that when I eventually came home and went into the bathroom to wash my face there was no hot water in the tap? And that I, annoyed and maybe slightly affected by the amount of cocktails I’d had, decided that it would be a good idea to text my landlord about it, despite the fact that it was after midnight? Nah, well let’s just leave it there.


Joe said...


Texting a landlord about his problem after midnight? You are such a softie! Even when you try to be mean, you can't force yourself to do it. If you had started calling him non-stop all night until you got your hot water, that might have been a little mean, but that isn't you. It isn't a bad thing because the world already has too many mean people. I hope you have your hot water now.

Bere Tarde o temprano said...

it is always nice t o go to a parties to drink some nice cocktails and celebrate! specially if they are for free :)

ere said...

haha! cold water hitting ur face after youve been drinking, i would probably have slept with a dirt face that nite, but i think the ass kissing is funny.

Carl said...

You were still able to text your landlord after having been out partying? Wow... you can really manage your alcohol, Jonna! :D Perhaps it's a good thing you didn't leave a message on his phone. Glad you enjoyed your time out celebrating with your friend. You probably slept very well that night, with how tired you were and the drinks you had. Take care and have fun!!!

globalgal said...

From a fellow China expat living in a third tier city, all I can say is how very jealous I am! I have become quite the country bumpkin, since we have a grand total of 2 bars in our city... I wouldn't even know how to act in a place like Shanghai. I look forward to hearing more great stories about life in the big city.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Joe -hahaha yeah I am not good at telling people off.. I kind of suck at it! Even after a few cocktails! Anyways, it kind of worked itself out the next day, I'll write about that tomorrow!

Bere -It's the best, hehe!

Alej -sleeping w make-up is a no-no for me.. and that ice cold water kind of sobered me up a bit, so I guess it wasn't all a bad thing.

Carl -I didn't drink that much. Did not need to. I was so tired that I felt dizzy after one drink.

globalgal -I hear you girl! I was feeling the same way in Suzhou. I never went out over there, simply because there were no nice bars. I'm so happy to be back in the buzz. U have to look at it on the bright side -hopefully you have some fresher air over there than what we have over here?

Little Tiger said...

This is good! You have to let the landlord know you mean business from the start!

thora said...

I'm really looking forward to reading more from the big city. Enjoy.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Little tiger -ehum... yeah exactly. Wait until u see the next post! I'm ashamed of myself!

Thora -that's great to hear! More to come indeed!

Melanie said...

I love reading about your adventures!