Thursday, April 1, 2010

Off to Inner Mongolia tonight!!

So long for now, people in suits...
...I'm off to pony-land!

Just one more day in the office, and then I'm off. I'm leaving tonight, and despite the fact that people have been telling me: "You're going to Inner Mongolia -are you crazy?! It's sandstorms up there!?" I'm quite excited. My bag's packed with everything from UGG boots to a bikini (I was hoping there would be some hot springs/saunas up there....?!). I don't care too much about the weather actually (Although pls, weather God, no sandstorms?!?! I cannot find my goggles), I just wanna relax, get a change of scene, enjoy some good food, and see some (dried up or not) grasslands. I hope I'll manage with that. 

Once I come back life is going to be rather full-on in terms of work. I have a mix of things to look forward to next week, including having a speech at a press conference in front of 100 journalists... and yes, of course it'll be in Chinese!

But I have promised myself NOT to start worrying about that until next week. So until then I say, "bye bye!" (should be read with a Chinese, female accent to get the right "vibe"). Hohhot-Inner Mongolia/sandstorm/grasslands/ponies and cowboys (?) -here I come!


Little Tiger said...

I wish I could give you some tips on what to do and see in Inner Mongolia because I actually should have visited there already! (and got the T-shirt)
One day, when I was a wet-behind-the-ears 20 year old 'teaching' English in Harbin, I was on the phone to my father. I mentioned in passing that I had a few days off playing games and was going to take the (relatively) short train journey to check out Inner Mongolia with a friend. The next day I get a barrage of calls,texts and emails from my mother and sister begging and pleading me not to go.(I thought it was hilarious though that they didn't so much as blink when I announced I was heading off to a city near Russia that had had water cuts due to a benzene spill in the river not long before. Not to mention the fact that I would also be arriving in the middle of winter hehe :] )
So anyway, in the end I canceled my trip because it was quite an assault on the senses. It would have obviously been nice to have gone but I can always go in the future. So, I'm eagerly awaiting to read about your impression of the place in preparation for my future trip (and, if I'm honest, to see if you come across any H&M stores in Hohhot -loooong shot I know).
In hindsight, I think they thought I was going to the centre of Mongolia itself as opposed to a province in China. Hence the drama. Must clarify things in the future I think!

P.S Judging from your first picture, it must be great working in that kind of environment and I have not doubt your speech will go down a storm.
In the unlikely event that you aren't getting the impact you are looking for, you could always give the audience a summary of your views on Chinese guys and western girls dating? On second thought....maybe not ;]

Jonna Wibelius said...

Little Tiger -I promise I will get back to u with a lot of good stories, focussing on how SAFE and SIMPLE life was up there.. (then u can use my stories as a reference when u convince your family to let you go).

As for the press conference -hehe, it won't be a "free topic" speech (I actually have something proper to say -believe it or not!?) so no dating-stuff/cross-boarder love issues will be addressed... thank god!! :) Happy Easter!

Little Tiger said...

Happy Easter to you too!
Have a safe and fun trip!

Melody said...

Enjoy your trip Jonna! Happy Easter!

mantse said...

Enjoy Trip in Inner Mongolia~~
i only been in Hohhot before but i readlly wanna be in the boarder city of Russia one 滿州里....

take more photo back and wish you have a great trip