Friday, April 16, 2010

Raffles Design Institute's Graduate Fashion Show

One might think that Shanghai’s fashion fever is over, with Shanghai Fashion Week wrapping up with a big party at Muse on Tue night. But then I received an invitation to Raffles Design Institute's Graduate Fashion Show, and realized that the city’s fashion frenzy is probably never ending.

This show was obviously a lot different to Shanghai Fashion Week. I saw about 15 collections from graduate students, some good, some not so good, and some, simply odd. I was still impressed, seeing that they are only just graduating. I believe at least some of them have got promising futures ahead. It was Raffles' (a Singaporean school) 15th group of graduates. With a growing fashion interest amongst young locals, I believe we are to see much more from Shanghai designers in the future.

I leave you with some pictures of their collections. Which one do you like the best?

1. Wizard from OZ-style
2. Pom-pom
3. Bohemian
4. Sexy sumo
5. Tailored
7. Fantasy
8. Style mix

9. Suicidal 
10. Camel
11. Cookie color collection
12. From another Galaxy
13. Chess


Martin said...

WOW...those are some pretty interesting articles of clothing. If I had to pick my favourite, I would go with #5-tailored. 2nd would be Style Mix, and 3rd would be Bohemian.

Thanks for the updates from the Shanghai Fashion week.

Ricky Foo said...

Very interesting indeed... and seeing a SG company featured in Shanghai Fashion is great!

I have been following your blog for a while, and bcos of your Expo posts, I've decided to spend 2-days of my honeymoon in Shanghai. =) Do continue to post about the development in Expo.


Carl said...

Hi Jonna! It must be fun to attend a fashion show and see all the creative designs. Here is my 'picks' from Highest Ranked to Lowest Ranked.

#12 Gets my best ranking, as I think they used the colors nicely along with trying some new and interesting cuts.
#8 Has some very nice use of textures and flow. Very nice.
#1 Very imaginative cuts, and certainly a fun theme.
#5 I would expect this 'styled' design to sell well for office professionals.
#4 Interesting use of added 'fluff', but too much on some.
#10 Very nice designs, but could use more color. I know that goes against the 'camel' theme, but just too drab. Cuts are nice tho.
#3 Nice layering.
#7 Good ideas, but very poorly cut. Needs work for better fitting.
#2 Nothing really exciting.
#13 Interesting, but not to my taste.
#11 Looks like little kids chose the color combos.
#9 Ugly! Look more like zombies in rags than anything else.

The one I actually like the best is the photo after the #8 group. Wish it showed more of the whole outfit, but looks sharp!

Anyway, that's probably a lot more than you ever wanted. LOL. Guess now I'm a fashion critic as well as a ceramics artist. ;) Thanks for sharing the photos. Was fun seeing them! :D

Crystal Tao said...

Not clear why the last one is called "Chess"... I didn't recognize any single chess piece ))

Jonna Wibelius said...

Martin -yeah there is. The tailored looks is my favorite too!

Jia-Ee -haha, that's great to hear. Book a hotel early because this city is filling up because of the expo. I promise there will be plenty of expo reports to come!

Carl -wow, u did a very detailed fashion report there. U like the Galaxy girls?! They were walking to "cosmic girl"... fitted very well!

Crystal -yup, some of the names made little sense!

ladiga said...

Thanx for the post, Baiba, Raffles lecturer:)

International Admissions Office said...

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