Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snack time!

Those of you that have been following this blog for a while know about my passion for food. One of the best things about travelling in China is trying different local snacks! I had a great time doing just that in Inner Mongolia until Sunday afternoon, when I started feeling a bit strange. Moments later, I was sick as a dog. So unfortunately, I missed out on the Monday (+ Sunday evening/night) in Huhehaote, being bed bound due to the fact that I was not able to keep any food and feeling as if my last moment had come. I had some bad experience of food poisoning when I first came her, but since then I’ve been doing OK, so this came as a bit of a reminder. Oh well, at least I had time to try some of the yummy local snacks.

Mongolian fast food, and let me tell you one thing: this was so much better than Maccas! Greasy, sure, but cheap (19 rmb for all of the food above) and oh so good! Mutton sticks, yummy Mongolian bread filled with mutton and, of course, noodles. We didn't eat rice once in Mongolia, it was all about noodles and bread!  

Super popular fast food chain, which was oddly enough called "Sushi Beef Noodles." (the name obviously comes from the pinyin of the characters, but still) I can tell you this much: there was nothing even close to sushi in there! 

Hotpot -with a lot of mutton!

Inner Mongolian milk snacks
Milk tea
Milk candy
Milk... something?!


Little Tiger said...

Inner Mongolian food looks like my kind of food (apart from hotpot, which I never took a liking to).
Food poisoning is horrible, especially being on holiday.Surprisingly, I only once got sick from eating in China (and that was in Shanghai).
I spent a lot of time in west africa and you had to be really careful what you ate. The sanitation systems didn't work so the water supply was sometimes contaminated with sewage. We even had to soak our vegetables in Dettol in order not to get sick.
I've lost count on how many times I got food poisoning after eating out there. One time that sticks out in my memory was when I had a long haul flight back to Europe in the evening. We ate out for lunch and I was perfect until I boarded the plane and had sat down. Sick as a dog thereafter :/
I thought it would be the same in China, but luckily not! Could have been my immune system became really resilient I don't know...

pilgrimchick said...

Wow--sorry about the food poisoning. I had no idea that mutton was such a big thing over there.

TG said...

Looks yummy :) The abundance and variety is similar to the one here in Taiwan.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Little tiger -Yeah, being sick is awful, but being sick on a plane is even worse!! Gosh, I cannot imagine what u must have gone through on that flight! I was so scared i would experience the same thing when flying back from Hohhot, so during the Monday I didn't eat a single thing. I barely drank some water... guess how I felt when I got home at 10pm in Shanghai. I told the taxi driver to go straight to Maccas before going home.. haha! Downed 2 burger and one large fries in less than 5 minutes. Never tasted anything better! :)

Pilgrimchick -yeah, it's all about mutton and milk up there :)

MKL -ive heard a lot of good things about Taiwan snacks. Cannot wait to go there and try some myself.

Christopher said...

I hate getting food poisoning! Glad you got better quickly. For some reason whenever I got sick in China from food it was only ever for about 24-48 hours max, and then just gone.

The milk-type food looks pretty good though.

Zhe said...

After being abroad for 2 years I wonder if my immune system is still invulnerable against the street food in my hometown. Mongolian mutton is the best!!