Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Chinese Christmas

Shame that I decided to turn my iPhone while filming, but you probably get the point! A different Christmas with gift stealing games, bongo drums, "helan går" in Chinese (Swedish snaps song), and a Chi speaking, drunk santa! We had a blast!


WoAi said...

Thanks, I have a stiff neck now, LOL! Merry Shanghai Christmas Jonna!

Netster23 said...

hahahahaha nice video :p

The drummer guy is cool!

Chocolatesa said...

I made the same mistake once and someone told me you can rotate it with this program

"Open the video in VirtualDub, then go to "Video>Filters...>Add...>Rotate", then apply the appropriate rotation. You can compress with whatever codecs you have on your system via "Video>Compression...", as well as compress audio as you'd like."

God Jul!