Friday, October 9, 2009

Spur of the moment sign up

…was something I did before I went to Malaysia last week. I don’t know what got into me, because for the last 4-5 months, my running practicing has been going everything but great. But then I thought, “what the heck?! Who says that you need to have practiced for 6 months before a race? I have a few races under my belt, and I am sure this one won’t kill me either.” And with those words playing in my head I signed up for Hangzhou Half Marathon that will take place on November 8.

In between now and then I am going to Sweden for a wedding, so my training time is more or less limited. And the furthest I’ve run in the last 3 months is 8 km! But it doesn’t matter. I am not doing this to prove anything, more to just challenge myself and do something fun. Last year in Hangzhou I chickened out and only did the 14km race, claiming I wasn’t fit enough for the half marathon. This year, I’m probably NOT fit enough, but still, I’m going for the real thing (or OK, not the real, real thing, that would be the full marathon. But almost!). I know it is going to be a struggle and I know I am going to hate myself when I am standing there at the starting line, feeling everything but fit for fight. But, there’s a charm in that too, right? (if nothing else, at least once I hit the finish line). Also, I’m quite, ehum, or, OK, very stubborn. I believe I can do 60% of the race on fitness and the other 40% on pure will.

Hangzhou half marathon, here I come!

Anyone else running?!


kosmo @ The Casual Observer said...

I ran the mile (slowly) in high school (many years ago). I have a lot of respect for people who run the longer distance.

Best of luck.

Pete In Syracuse said...

Take it easy remember you want to finish the race not be the first one over the line that needs a cardic unit helping you...This is an attainable goal.

조안나 said...

I don't think I ever even managed to run the whole mile in high school. I think in college once or twice I made that achievement before I slipped back into my normal, lazy, exercise hating self... good luck on the half marathon.. you're a brave woman...

Anonymous said...

I've also set a goal for next year, that is Oslo half Marathon. Recently I discovered how much fun running is, I'm almost a bit addicted now, running 3 times a week, 8-14 km each exercise at low intensity. Well, good luck to you!

Brad Farless said...

Good luck on that Jonna. The longest I ever ran was 8 miles and I don't ever want to do that again. For a while, before I started having problems with my left leg/ankle/foot, I was pretty good at running but I still never liked to run more than 4 miles or so. After that it just wasn't fun anymore. At all. Now I just do the best I can to keep weight off.

Jonna Wibelius said...

kosmo -Back in the days I used to hate running too. I remember the first time I ran 5 km and felt as if I climbed a mountain.. haha... but... believe it or not but u can get used to it!! I did.

Pete -I'll take it easy.. this race is not going to be any breaking my time record-race... rather, it's just about finishing! :)

조안나 -seeing how out of shape I am now, I guess I am kind of brave, haha! But. Nothing wrong with trying right? I too used to hate running, and not be able to run 3 km straight without gasping for breath.

Anonymous -sounds like u r doing great with your training, keep up the great work! When is Olso marathon?

Brad -thanks. Well let's hope it won't be too painful...

Lianne said...

joining a marathon is on my bucket list. i actually really don't enjoy running but i still think a marathon would be a good experience! but i think i'll stick to the 5k fun run haha.

i was in shanghai earlier this year and i really enjoyed exploring the city and soaking up the chinese culture. beijing is also on my must visit list!

i'm jealous that you've lived in so many places already! what do you do in all those different countries? that's something i want to do too!

have you visited the philippines?

Anonymous said...

Oslo Maraton took place on 27 Sept., next year it will take place on 26 Sept. This year there were 6300 participants from 60 countries and some were actually rejected since the full capacity was reached, first time in the history of Oslo Maraton!, clearly the popularity has grown appreciably during the recent years, I guess running has become the new trend!

This is motivating to read:

Halvmaraton 21 000 m

Opplev Oslo gjennom 21 kilometer langs byens flotte fjordlinje. Garantert langt nok til at du blir både svett og sliten, men en litt enklere distanse å gape over enn en hel maraton. Og absolutt langt nok til at du virkelig har noe å feire når du krysser mållinjen, for du er en vinner!

Bye the way, how is it like running outside in Hangzhou, won't the bad air quality impose a problem for Maraton-runners, or has the air quality improved significantly recently?

Well, as my more dedicated friends told me, if you want to get fit in short time "intervall-trening" appears to be very effective (I know I hate it :)

Jonna Wibelius said...

Lee -running a full marathon is on my 'to-do-before-I-die-list' too... It's just quite a big deal, need to do some serious training if I wanna do one, so I think I'll save that for when I live in Scandinavia (where there are more parks and forests for running -over here the areas where u can do outdoor running are quite sad and I would hate to be stuck to the treadmill).

Glad to hear u enjoyed yourself in Shanghai, I personally love that city!! As for me living in many different countries (although not that many...), I've been doing a bit of this and that at every place:

England: work, work, work and party!
Australia: Study and work.
Finland: work.
China: work and study.

Dunno where to go next although I'll probably stay in China for a while. I haven't been to the Philippines yet, I'd love to go though!

anonymous -When I eventually move back to Scando-land I'm looking forward to be able to run a few half/ full marathons over there, like Stockholm, Helsinki and maybe Oslo. Running back home is pure pleasure.. over here it's a little bit harder for me to motivate myself, but I don't wanna quit completely so I try to run still 3-4 times/week (although I don't do very long distances). I guess interval training is something I should consider. Today I did a fairly short 7 km run in the traffic and tomo maybe I'll stick to the treadmill and force myself to do some interval training. Like u said, it's the best way to get fit fast, although I am like you: I hate it! Slow (6min/km) long runs in the forest is my cup of tea! Ahhh... then I can go forever!

Anna Davidson said...

I'm running in Hangzhou too! I'm just doing the 14km because I don't have enough time to train for the half (or maybe just too lazy?!). It's meant to be beautiful, so hopefully the scenery will take away from the pain of running a race I'm not ready for?!!

Jonna Wibelius said...

Anna -yey, look forward to seeing you there! I wish I also signed up for the 14 km race. I am so darn unfit I realized yesterday when I was grasping for air after 8 km on the treadmill. GOSH! Got to get fit, NOW!