Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moving time

Shanghai, I'm back!

My Suzhou days are counted: I’m moving to Shanghai today! After three hysterical days of house hunting (pretty much became BBF with one of my agents, another in the line of Chinese men who refer to me as You-LA rather than You Na 友娜!”) I finally found a perfect pad: fairly small but with a perfect location in the French Concession. 

I start my new job on Monday and my new flat still doesn’t have any internet connection, so I might not be able to blog/publish comments until the end of this week when things get sorted. So, if this blog isn’t updated for a few days you know why. Promise to be back in a few days time with some good stuff (like the story of when I went to the gym to let a friend take over my card, something the sales girl had promised me “wouldn’t be a problem at all!” when I asked her about it when I renewed my membership last year –yeah right!).


Annie Hall said...

I'm so jealous! that's my favorite part of shanghai!! not exactly very "chinesy", but a great area to live in, i'd imagine! wish you all the best with the move! :)

Mountaincat said...

Thats really nice you found place. How it is in China ? Do you have agreement or do you need to pay deposit ?

It took me about a month to find place in Tokyo. Not just searching for place, but also reading all agreements etc.

China seems good place for expats.

CML said...

better you than me! i hate moving home, especially the moving in bit. Im very pleased you have found your place in the end - expensive rent?

Carl said...

Is the French Concession like a mini-Paris in Shanghai? Congrats on finding a nice place near where you wanted to locate. You still have lots of moving to do, so best wishes. :D

Koop Tribe said...

Oh I am jealous as well. We are in Hong Kong now, but lived in Shanghai a few years back. We loved it there!! Enjoy you new adventure and i can hardly wait for pics!

ere said...

cant wait to say photos of the house!

Pete In Syracuse said...

Moving is's a definite house cleansing & puts whats really important to collect/save to the forefront! It's a pain but, fun at the same time. Hope you enjoy it....I guess we'll just have to suffer not hearing from you for a couple of days... :o)

Maverickml said...

Cool. I used to spent my summer there a lot.

mantse said...

welcome back~~

Anonymous said...


have you considered moving into a Starbucks or McDonalds?

They have free wifi dont they?

Internet is like a mobile phone- absolutley indispensible.

Hope you survive through your period of internet deprivation and withdrawal.

After you return to the world of the World Wide Web, please let us know how your job is going.



Jonna Wibelius said...

Sorry guys for not bein able to publish and answer your comments until now! I was net-less for a few days here in SH.

Annie -Thanks u! I am also a big fan of this part of town!

Mountaincat -renting here is like most places.. u pay 1 or 2 months of deposit (U need to negotiate). It is quite easy to find a plce here. Not to get ripped off, however, is another story.

CML -I too hate moving! The rent is fairly cheap, under 5000 rmb/month!

Carl -mini-Paris?! haha, not at all!! it's just a place with a lot of old buildings (European as well as Chinese) and cute alleys. I love this area of Shanghai! Not as busy as downtown.

Koop -thank you! Yeah I love it too over here. HK must be exciting too, no?

Alej -u really wanna see photos of my new flat? Hm.. let's see what I can do!

Pete -well now I make my comeback! ;)

Maverickml -A bit hot here during summer.. but still a fun city!

mantse -thank you!

Adrian -I am not a fan of brining my computer to cafés to be honest w you. Anyways, now it is sorted! :) Yey!

Unknown said...

Popping in to say'hello'. Hope you enjoy your new home.