Friday, January 22, 2010

Whisk Brownie -because you're worth it

My sister and her hubby digging into a Whisk brownie

Last night I went to Whisk Café and enjoyed something I have truly missed during my Suzhou days: a Whisk brownie. Like most girls, I am a chocolate addict, and the Whisk brownie is one of the best chocolate fixes my taste buds have experienced (there were some pretty good chocolate mud cakes in Fremantle in Australia too, but unfortunately they are kind of out of reach nowadays). If you live in Shanghai, love chocolate and have not yet tried the Whisk brownie, I recommend you to go and have a bite. It’s quite filling though; so don’t bother with a meal before it…

Back in 2006/2007 when I was living in Shanghai I was a regular at Whisk Café, mainly because our office was in the same neighbourhoods. Whisk's brownies became a Friday standard for all the girls in the editorial team.

Then I moved to Suzhou and could not indulge in the brownies quite as often as I would have liked to (my waistline is grateful), however, I still remember once when I went there with a girlfriend and we spent 20 minutes looking at the menus, another 10 at the counter and looking on all the chocolate cakes on display, and then in the end felt so guilty that we ended up ordering ourselves one cup of hot chocolate each. As we were sitting there, sipping our hot chocolates, a waiter suddenly appeared and placed a huge chocolate cake on our table, and handed us two spoons:

-From the manager. He thought you girls might really want one.

Flabbergasted, but happy, we enjoyed our treat and that’s about when I decided that I absolutely love Whisk. Not only do they do good brownies, but they also have a manager that truly knows what girls want!


Anonymous said...

Did you have to pay for the chocolate cake?


ps: you'd better choose a sport to play very quickly to trim your waistline J :)

Amanda Kendle said...

Oh no, you've got me totally craving brownies now!

But what I really want to ask is - I'm a Perth girl so I'm curios to know - where is the best choc cake in Fremantle?? I have to go try it!

Carl said...

It certainly does look delicious, Jonna. And it is hard to say "No" to good chocolate, that is for certain. Maybe a little extra distance during running will make up for the carbs!! :D Enjoy!

Pete In Syracuse said...

Oh yes anything with chocolate is fine with me too!

I think it was sweet of the people to send you out some cake - that's good customer relations - like because now your totally sold on the brownies - Right?! or at least the place....& what beat Hot chocolate & cake !!!!

Jonna Wibelius said...

Adrian -this time I had to pay. But that other time it was on the manager :)

Waistline won't change unless I indulge too often!

Amanda -the beeeeest chocolate cake I had was actually at Cottesloe! I don't remember the name, but that cafe/restaurant just at the beach, is it cottesloe hotel? Ahhh, their mud cake was to die for!

There was another great cafe downtown in freo, not on the strip but a little bit off. A quite open, colorful cafe (they often had people singing and paying the guitar -it felt a bit hippie but their brownie was great!) that I cannot remember the name off. I think it was fairly close to Mayers? Ahhh, it's so frustrating not to remember the names any more... it's been a few years. I need to go back, miss it so much.

Carl -Yeah I better get started with that running. Sooner rather than later!

Pete -exactly. That manager was super smart. He knew we would love it -and we did!

大熊 said...

nice cake

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm in Shanghai I will look for this cafe. Is it near a Metro stop? Address please.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Susan -there's a link in this article, no? It's on Huaihai Lu. U can take the metro line 1 and get of at Changshu Lu. 4 min walk from there!