Monday, March 15, 2010

Random requests at a parking lot

Most Wanted Joint

I spent Saturday in Suzhou –packing and cleaning. We are definitely staying in China for some time still, but our new Shanghai flat is much smaller than the one we had in Suzhou –so a lot of stuff has to go.

After a Saturday full of throwing away stuff we felt fed up with being locked inside and got ready to take the 5.30pm train to Shanghai. We walked out on our yard, carrying large bags, and being quite in a hurry when we saw a group of four Chinese -3 women and one man, with so much hair wax in his hair that it looked like glue- stepping out of a car.

-Heeeeey! Laowai, laowai! The wax-man yelled, and we, thinking it was just the ordinary “hello laowai” moment, continued walking without paying them any attention.

..That was until I suddenly heard the wax man literally call for us.

-Please wait laowai, I have a question!

We turned around, facing the wax man and three older ladies.

-You live in that building over there right? The man said, pointing at our building.


-And you are moving out very soon?


-That’s what I thought. So today I brought this 3 ladies to show them your flat!
He proudly gestured to three small ladies at his right side.


-Can we go and see it now!?
One lady asked.

-Er, we are going to Shanghai, I said, nodding towards my large shoulder bag.

-Ah OK… said the man. But can’t you show us the flat before you go?

-We don’t have time! We are catching the train.

-Oh… no time….
The wax man sounded seriously disappointed.

-What time is your train, one of the women said. I am sure you have time to show us the flat before that.

-The train is leaving quite soon, we have to go now actually,
I said. We don’t have time to show you our flat (“How about calling first?!” I wanted to screem).

-That is a shame, the wax man said, looking at us as if we were enemies. So when will you be back then?! (Just as if we had broken a non-existent appointment?!)

-Well… we are… ah, why don’t you just call me next time?! My bf said. 

-Ah.. OK. You want me to call you. I understand, the wax man said.

-Are you sure you don’t have time to show us the flat? One of the ladies urged. You will still make your train. It’s fast to get to the train station from here! They all smiled, and one of them attempted to pull my sleeve.

I gave her a dark look. Enough with the bull-sh*t. And we left.

Just imagine that, huh? You take three ladies on a house hunt on a Saturday afternoon, however, you forget to inform the current tenants, so instead you jump on the first laowais you see on a parking lot?! (our living area is huge, there are at least 40 buildings in there!). Fortunately they are the “right ones.” Then you try and convince them to show you their flat even though you know they’ll miss their train if they linger?! If that’s not random I don’t know what is?!

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