Friday, March 26, 2010

Suzhou, one last time

A Suzhou saga of two years is coming to an end. Tonight I’ll catch the train to Suzhou for the last time (for a long time), to spend one last wknd in my old “hoods.” I moved to Shanghai early this year in order to start a new job (and a new life) and since then I’ve only been back to Suzhou a few times. We’ve kept our flat there, but now it’s time to give it up and to move on for real –my significant other is joining me in Shanghai and if we go back to Suzhou in the future it will be as visitors. We both agree on the fact that we don’t want to live there again. There’s nothing wrong with Suzhou, but Shanghai fits us both better.

During my 2 years as a blogger based in Suzhou I’ve received a lot of emails from people interested in Suzhou. I thought I’d put together a little Suzhou guide for y'all, however, not now, then I’ll be late for work. In order to write the “best” possible guide –I’d like to ask you what you’d like to know about Suzhou? Hotels? Restaurants? Sightseeing? Shopping? Living? Studying? Running/sports? If you have any questions related to life in Suzhou -post them in the comment’s field and I’ll make sure to do my best to answer them when I write my Suzhou guide.

This wknd is full of “goodbyes” (well, my boyfriend –who is still living and working in Suzhou- has been attending goodbye-dos since late last week, when I called him last night he was "gone with the ferries" after a gan-bei session with his Chinese workmates). I’ll be meeting with Rocky (alias the Hunan boy –who has inspired a LOT of my blog posts!) as well as with one of my best Chinese girlfriends, and then there will be an official going away-party and so on.

So long, Suzhou!

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Anonymous said...

I've been to Suzhou a few times, but always seem discover new things each visit.

Living in SH I'm often curious to know where to find the best fancy dress shop or wedding dress (custom or off the rack) to take visitors.

I know Suzhou is known for embroidery, but is there anything else that is a must see/do/buy for visitors and unique to Suzhou?

Looking forward to your guide! Thanks in advance.