Monday, March 8, 2010

Tasteless party

What a weekend! Since I’ve now been living in Shanghai for 2 months, we decided that it was time to throw a small housewarming party.

Now, housewarming parties are not really a unique kind, so in order to do something different we decided to have a theme at our party, namely “bad taste.”

Shopping proved to be the best part of it all. We headed straight to the small shops on Fuxing Lu where I tried on everything from flower-power pants to zebra meets leopard dresses. I eventually settled for a skintight golden/leopard shirt, a high-waist black/gold skirt, and a silver/snakeskin jacket that was way too small for me. All in all: I looked like jungle girl going disco.

My bf picked his outfit from another shop. We knew straight away that it was going to be fun, because the moment we walked in, the sale’s girl went ballistic.

-OH MY GOSH!!! You are the most handsome man I have ever seen! She gushed to my boyfriend.

She followed him around, stroking his arms, giggling and picking out stuff for him to try. She had no idea that we were going for something rather tacky (and that we therefore actually kind of liked the stuff she picked), and said “yeeeeeeees!” and “perfect” to every single shiny garment that he agreed on trying on.

In the end he went for a gray, silver sequence suit jacket, a check-patterned hat, a tight t-shirt and some golden jewellery chains. He looked like a complete yuppie and the sale’s girl looked like she was going to pass out on the spot:

-Oh my Gosh! You look SO GOOD!!

(We laughed so hard we didn’t know what to do!).

While he was paying, the sale’s girl turned to me:

-Is he your boyfriend?


-Oh my GOSH! You are so lucky! SO LUCKY! I admire you!

-He’s indeed very popular in China.

-Well, he is the most handsome man I have seen! And you…..! You too are very
…. (long look at me) special!


-Yes, in fact. I like the both of you!

-That’s nice of you to say.

-I love your nose!

-My nose?

(small moment of hesitation).

-It’s the biggest and most beautiful nose I have ever seen!

(I had to bite my lip not to have an uncontrolled laugh fit)

-Ehum, right. Eh… thanks!

She waved goodbye when we left, opening the door and yelling:

-Come back soon! You are my favourite laowai couple!!! After us. We were high on laughter as we hit the streets.

The party itself was a blast, despite an insane number of strange cancellations from our friends:

2 girls confessed they were preggers and couldn’t make it, one guy confessed his girlfriend was preggers and that he was going to Korea to get married (!), one girl had to work, another one thought it was raining too hard outside (…), and then one guy broke his arm in an ice-hockey game the night before?! Hahaha! We still managed to pull a crowd, however, and ended up having a great time. People had really made an effort and one guy actually showed up in a dinosaur costume.

My boyfriend was a hit in his pimp-outfit, meanwhile my Chinese girlfriends expressed their disappointment in me:

-Jonna, you actually look good in those clothes. I would totally wear that on a night out!!

Go out as the golden meets silver jungle-disco girl?! (well I shouldn’t say too much –because that’s exactly what I did some drinks later). I guess our taste levels are different!

Bad taste party calls for bad taste-snacks: we picked these up at our local bakery
Mmmm, green bean bun anyone?!


Unknown said...

i'm loving your party! Wish I was there! Nice to do crazy stuff like that as long as there are willing people!Bet you laughed the whole night long. And laughter is the best medicine - enjoy life!!!

Tarja said...

Bad taste clothes aren´t so hard to find in Shanghai. Actually can find good looking clothes over there besides international brands =D Maybe I should throw a party like that, we haven´t had our housewarming party yet... I think it would be very therapeutical to dress up like a trendy local ;)

Greetings from Helsinki!

Brad Farless said...

That poor sales girl is going to start dressing tacky and promote tacky clothes to her friends, because it's what she saw your boyfriend pick out.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Keats -it sure is... and it sure was a lot of fun! :)

Tarja -haha, no bad taste clothes are EVERYWHERE! Which made it so much fun to shop... :) U should do a party for yourself, it is great to do a house party every once in a while. I feel like Shanghai is so much about going out, but sometimes it is just as much fun to stay in :)

(Enjoy helsinkI!)

Brad -hahaha, maybe. Actually... yeah, she so wilL! Funny.