Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Always look your best

The concept of always looking smashing is also taken literally in Korea. Bare legged even though it's minus degrees? Of course!

Yesterday I saw a Chinese girl wearing the coolest jumpsuit ever. It was ebony white (brave colour indeed, I’m not big on white but on this girl it really worked) and tight at the right places. She matched it with a pair of funky looking, flat black loafers. Might not sound so good, but man, she looked rocking.

That was, until she climbed up on the exercise bike at the gym and started working out.

(and made me, in my baggy gym pants and not-so-skin-tight adidas singlet, look out of place)

All I could think about is what a waste to work out in such a cool outfit. Then again, the concept of “always looking top notch” sure is taken literally over here in China.


Anonymous said...

Ahaha, that must have looked funny. Here in Japan people have a specific set of clothing associated to each sport. You can easily tell who does what. They make you look out of place with your generic track suit.

Jenny said...

Oh that is hilarious! I thought that when the gals that wear Ed Hardy tees and Coach bags to the gym here in CA was top notch :)

Anonymous said...

Jonna, when I work out here in the USA. I wear Jeans and some times even jacket. So that way I could keep the body temperature up thus burn more fat. I have six pack abs and it takes lots of time and effort to maintain it. So I guess I was also wasting a good outfit for working out. lol

BTW, are Chinese guys doing weight lefting when they working out or most of them simply do some cardio work out. I have notice that here in the US most people do not like lifting weights cause it is hard work, but I like it. It is the only way to get toned musle. :)


Jonna Wibelius said...

Kanmuri -yeah it is funny when u r wearing sweat pants and feel out of place at a gym!

Jenny -haha, me too! until I came to China.

Jiang -I think most people over here that go to the gym go there to lift weights or attend classes.

Pete In Syracuse said...

How did the cool outfit look when it got all sweated up.... ;O)

Anonymous said...

Well, in the cold climate such as here in the Scandinavia I tend to buy outfits with outstanding functionality for outdoor running in the forests/cross country, that is, I prefer a long-sleeved shirt made of Merino wool as the base, with a soft-shell jacket, which breathes well, i.e., transports a lot of sweat, and is also highly water repellent and wind-proof. I'm currently in love with my Gore-jacket, it is stylish, trendy, and the best part is, it makes me look super slim and fit :-) I also wear a loose, long tight (tight is suitable for a guy like me), which is super comfortable for running. With this outfit, I can run in all kind of weather conditions, and still look good, according to myself anyway.

I highly recommend any outfits made of Merino wool, as they keep you warm, transport sweat efficiently, and don't smell bad even after several training sessions!

Anonymous said...

Attend classes. Like Martial art classes? I would like to learn Muai Thai boxing. It kicks butt.

Jiang. :)

Albert said...

Great timing! I actually just posted about the way Korean women dress and their obsession with beauty. It's true that in Korea you'll see mini skirts everywhere, rain or shine and below freezing!

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