Monday, November 16, 2009

New discovery at the fabric market

Mmmmm... Hunan delight!

What a lovely weekend I had! Spent Saturday in Shanghai, ate at my favourite Hunan restaurant, engaged in some window shopping and made myself a warmer winter jacket at the fabric market. Sunday was spent Xmas shopping in Suzhou, and I am proud to say that I have now bought all my gifts for this year, and it’s not even December.

Oh, and the best thing about it all? Came across a shop (at the fabric market) that reached out for the not-so-bony-ones.

Marketing itself as the "Fat Girl" shop. No frills, no fuss. No need to sugar coat anything. 


WoAi said...

Actually they've been so successful they're opening another shop soon called "Hideously Obese Girl" shop.

So you were in Shanghai and didn't call me???

Anna Davidson said...

Hey Jonna, I was at the fabric market on the weekend too - I thought that I recognised you! Aren't we lucky to have such cool fabrics and tailors available to us?! How's the running going?

Anonymous said...

Straight to the point :D

Jonna Wibelius said...

Woai -I'll make sure to check that one out too! ;)
And hey, u never gave me your number?!

Anna -really?! That's funny! I didn't see you? You should have come up and said hi. As for the running... ehhh... ehum... OK, well.. no, it's not happening anymore. I'm ashamed to admit it but I've turned into a couch potato lately. All I wanna do is drink hot chocolate and read books. Terrible I know. I'm looking for the motivation though. maybe later today I'll force myself to visit the gym. How was the Hangzhou race?

Kanmuri -yup. always!

Anonymous said...

"No frills, no fuss. No need to sugar coat anything."well, is chinese female taste seems so terrible for you foreign ones? haha, interesting. according to some overseas chinese' comparison, mainland chinese girls want to look cute while foreign girls want to look more mature, or maybe more hot. haha maybe different understanding of clothing feminility. i cant help chuckling.thanks, jonna. i like your comments.haha have a good day.

Anonymous said...

haha, also, i want to add that even my former classmate who was obviously of bigger building had complained that she couldnt find a fit dress after she had given birth to baby! she felt shameful or desperate when stepping into those fashion shop. she said in northern china like Beijing, cases might be better for big-but-not necessarily-fat girls like her because northern chinese were taller and bigger. and also, the designers there followed the style or Europe rather than Japan or Korea (that's why many dresses here are so tiny.). so, maybe next time, if possible, you may try Beijing.and i have to say, nowadays in china, coats or dresses or winter sweaters seemed as if they were designed for flat and skinny ones. like me, i always felt guilty when forced to discover my secret extra inches in the waist while stuffed into a tight pants or sweater. i really had a pulse to murder the designer, then. hahahahaha
still me, carol

Little Tiger said...

I thought it was a another case of Chinglish but it's the correct translation of the Chinese this time. I love how the Chinese call a spade a spade and don't beat around the bush.

Brad Farless said...

That's definitely straight to the point but you have to wonder what effect it has on potential customers. If you were a chick and looking for a dress that fit you, would you want to walk into that store in front of a street full of people to look at dresses for a "fat girl"?

Pete In Syracuse said...

I wonder what they think of some of the fashions that go to the USA that are XL, XXL, XXXL and so on ? They must think we're whales!!....... lol

george said...

it could be endearing to call some one fat in Chinese, all depends on how you speak it and what the situation is of course, a lot Chinese still think fat or rather chubby babys are cute, sometime we might say "多好的一个大胖儿子” or "小肥妞儿”, and if the babys are really fat, they might just pinch his/her cheeks.

there was a famous Hong Kong actress Shen Dian Xia, she died few years ago, many people loved her, and she was called and remebered as "Fat Sister"