Monday, November 23, 2009

Yet another great Shanghai wknd

Marry Xmas to me!

I just had yet another lovely weekend in Shanghai! This time we went together with another couple from Suzhou who don’t know Shanghai that well (every time they have gone there they feel kind of lost and end up visiting those not-so-nice but obvious places, like Nanjing Lu, People’s Square and the Bund. Nothing wrong with those places but I personally prefer the French Concession area: the cute little shops, the cafés and the cheap restaurants and the cocktail/wine bars). It was therefore great to go there together and get a chance to show them around (and after this weekend both of them are like: “Man, we want to live in Shanghai!” Yup. I hear ya!)

Since I have already finished my Christmas shopping I ended up getting myself some “gifts.” I simply couldn’t resist these adorable cups: I bought a set of six (including plates) for 100 rmb from one of those street vendors (no, not the “bags, bags, watch, watch”-kind, this guy had his own trolley that he sold from and he wasn’t pushy at all. Didn’t try to get us to buy anything, didn’t engage in a big price discussion and so on). I can really tell I am getting older, 2 years ago I wouldn’t even have looked twice at some cute coffee cups. Now I kind of enjoy buying stuff for our flat, even though it’s not even ours. But just thinking about what this kind of set would have cost me in Sweden made me want to buy them. Now let’s hope the quality isn’t crap and that they can handle some hot coffee without losing colour/breaking.


Jim said...

Hmmm. Hope the glaze is not a lead containing one or it may leach into fluids. Lead based glazes do produce reds somewhat like this one. Try it on a rodent first perhaps!

马麟 said...

Here are comments from different age of me.
18: 100rmb for cups? Are you crazy?
20: You won't wanna hear my opinion on your taste of art.
23: Not too bad for you girls, but I won't put those on my desk.
26: Nice choice for Christmas! That totally worth it.

Redbabe said...

They are lovely. Jim's suggestions sounds good though...

Jonna Wibelius said...

马麟 -that is spot on! Just how it is! :)

Jim -yikes, that doesn't sound good?! Well there is a brand underneath it, so I hope it's not some crap stuff... well, it can't be?! I am already totally in love with them!

Redbabe -I know! I love them too! Who to try them on... spitting boss? ;)

Unknown said...

I'd love to see some photos of the French Concession today. I've never been to Shanghai but my mum was brought up there until she was 16 and I heard stories of the area and grand ballrooms of Shainghai during the 1930's 1940's. One day I'll see it for myself. My mum just took my sister there thanks to my encouragement.