Monday, October 11, 2010

NOtCH 2010

Saturday, October 9, saw the opening of the fifth NOtCH festival in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou (the abbreviation "NOtCH" stands for Nordic and Chinese) and I attended the opening of the NOtCH art exhibition at DDM Warehouse in Red Town, Shanghai.

The idea behind NOtCH is to expose two distinct cultures – Nordic and Chinese – to each other’s music and art as a way to better link the two cultures. The festival features more than 20 Scandinavian musicians and artists, playing everything from free jazz to psychedelic folk to electronic pop music.

The art exhibition was better than expected and includes the following Nordic/Chinese artists:

Sweden: Henrik Rylander, Nille Svensson, Fredrik Söderberg, Kris Ström, PST + Po
Norway: Yokoland, Kim Hiorthøy, Morten Spaberg, Fantastic Norway, Nina Birkeland, Njaal Borch, So Takahashi
Denmark: Hvass & Hannibal, Mette Juul, David Garcia Studio, BIG
Finland: Jan Anderzen, Tommi Musturi, NAPA, Husky Rescue, Sami Sänpäkkilä, Pekka Finland, Kasino A4
Iceland: Magnus Helgason, Kira Kira
China: Ma Qiusha, Sun Yao, Qiu Anxiong, Pan Jianfeng

Check it out: DDM Warehouse, Red Town, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu.

NOtCH will go on until Oct 31 and there will be plenty of concerts at the DDM Warehouse/Mao Livehouse. The Swedish/Danish night is at October 15.

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