Monday, October 25, 2010

Swedish Odeur at Shanghai Fashion Week

I know, I know, some of you have probably had enough of fashion (especially since this is not a fashion blog in any way), but of course I have to report about something I recall to partly as “my” pride and joy, namely, the Swedish designer duo Odeur showing at Shanghai fashion week.

The show took place yesterday afternoon (2pm) at Fuxing park. And despite the not-so-sexy-time-slot and the fact that it was raining outside, we almost managed to pull a full house. It was a beautiful, if somewhat short, show with models showing simple, clean-cut, modern outfits, while wearing natural make-up and softly styled hair, and spreading glitter powder all over the catwalk while walking.

I was, as usual before events, too nervous to eat, drink or even go to the bathroom (I don’t know what happens to me some hours before events, but my body somehow turns off all of its natural function needs, and all I can focus on is the actual event), so once the show had finished and I finally lowered my shoulders and released my breath (phew!) I realized what a bad state I was in. Headache due to no food or water for 5 hours, urgent need to go to the bathroom, sore feet due to running around in heels, and yadi yadi. Oh well, all in all it was a great day with a good show, and even though it ate half of my wknd I feel happy about it. Now: new week, new challenges. Let’s get things going

Petter and Gorjan -the designers behind Odeur taking interviews after the show

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