Thursday, November 11, 2010

Being sick sucks

Bloody health freaks...

Gosh, it’s boring to be sick. U are stuck in bed, don’t have the power to do anything, yet you cannot sleep. Watching movies and TV series for a day simply doesn’t do it for me. Then there’s the whole eating thing. If I could only be one of those people who, when sick, loses her appetite. Unfortunately, I go the opposite direction and turn eating into some kind of sickness hobby. It’s normally OK because I’m not known for being one to keep my fridge stocked with goodies, but when in Shanghai, where you can order in pretty much anything for tiny sum, it’s fatal (or OK, maybe just fatal for my waistline).

I spent yesterday in bed, eating, being bored, sweating, coughing, blowing my nose, trying to sleep, overdosing on nose spray, eating some more, getting a sore back from lying down (gosh, how sad is THAT?!) and then thinking about all the things I’d like to do:

-Run a marathon
-Climb a mountain
-Become a yoga master
-Be able to do 50 push ups in one set

Yeah, as you all hear, not the most reachable goals of my life, but nothing wrong with dreaming, right? Also, ironically enough the only thing I feel like doing when sick is healthy, exercise stuff. I got jealous when I friend told me she went to play football the other night, and I almost had a fight with my significant other when he tried to sneak out to the gym. They can train but I can't? Life’s not fair.

Today I’m just as clogged, sneezy and coughy as yesterday, but at least I got rid of my fever so I’m heading to work. YAY! Praying for a quick recovery on this one, so that I can start training for one of those unreachable goals of mine.

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Phoenixkidd said...

Poor Jonna, I hope you get better soon.
You know Allergy medicine usually helps me, or at least gets rid of the symptoms and helps all that water drain out of my head.
I swear by Waltin-D, Walgreens brand in America.