Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gaga rolls in the suburbs

Last week I went to visit a university far out in the suburbs of Songjiang. There was not much to see in this uni area (small, nameless, cheap shops and uni dorms), and I think the people on the street were 99,9% students. As we needed to have lunch we cruised the street up and down in search of something that looked just a little bit decent and dine-able. We finally decided to settle for a tiny little Japanese restaurant called Bowbow.

Once we got the menu we were amazed of the low prices… but soon too over the remarkable sushi names. I wonder if Lady Gaga knows that her fame has spread across this giant country, from the big cities on the east, to the tiny suburbs in the outskirts, and that she has her very own “Lady Gaga roll” in a Japanese restaurant in China?!

Gaga this

Surprisingly enough (despite to the tininess of the restaurant or the low prices on the menu, I don’t know?) the food, including the Lady Gaga roll (yes, of course we had to order it!) tasted real good. Like really good. We also ordered the Moto Roll (chef’s recommendation) and I don’t know what amazed us the most: the fact that it cost 28 rmb or that it tasted so good!

I chatted to the chefs and found out that Bowbow is actually a chain and that Shanghai apparently also has a few of its restaurants. One is actually located somewhere in Jing’an.

Bowbow’s concept is quite similar to “everybody’s Japanese favourite” Haiku’s: infused sushi with all kinds of weird taste combos and spice explosions. It’s obviously not the same, flash environment as Haiku offers its dinner guests, but on the other hand it’s cheaper, and there’s no waiter telling you that you “need to finish your meal within 2 hours.” In other words, if you managed to located a Bowbow restaurant here in Shanghai, go, enjoy at least one Gaga and one Moto roll, and then remember to return to my blog, leave a comment on how it was, and don’t forget to reveal the exact address.

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Anonymous said...

i would like to have seen some pictures of those sushi rolls you talk about. or more pictures of food next post?/