Monday, May 30, 2011

Get your popcorns ready!

Today is the opening day of Sweden Film Week 2011瑞典电影周, giving Shanghai-ers the chance to watch the newest from the Swedish film industry. The screenings are a mix of animation, drama, comedy, thriller and, of course, some good ol’ Bergman stuff.

In Shanghai, all films will be showed at 上海大光明 Grand Theatre, 216 Nanjing west rd, near Xizang rd. 上海大光明电影院, 南京西路216号, 近西藏路.

Tickets can be bought at the cinema for 50 rmb. All films are in Swedish/English with Chinese subtitles.

Screening schedule at Grand Cinema, Shanghai

May 30, 7pm Miss Kicki (88 min)

May 31, 8pm Easy Money (120 min)

June 1, 8pm The Girl (96 min)

June 2, 8pm Sawdust and Tinsel (88 min)

June 3, 8pm Sound of Noise (110 min)

June 4, 8pm The King of Ping Pong (106 min)

June 5, 8pm Metropia (80 min)

June 6, 8pm Everlasting Moments (125 min)

See you at the cinema!


Frankie Perussault said...

There could be a Sweden Film Week in France too! Why don't we have a European Film Festival?

WoAi said...

So what if I don't speak Swedish and can't read Chinese?

Jonna Wibelius said...

Frankie -there is an EU film festival in Shanghai each year.. as well as an international film festival that kicks off in Shanghai very soon! June 11 i think.

Woai -well then u can either bring a translator or... ehum... try very fast to master a new language. Swe is quite similar to Eng :)

E said...

i'm not sure if it is the best time to have the film week, considering kung fu panda 2 and a bunch of other big budget movies are storming the box office right now.
but i sure as hell would go see some Swedish movies.

WoAi said...

Thanks Jonna. I had this problem when I went to see the movie HERO in Beijing. The subtitles were only in Chinese but the language, although Putonghua, was very old form style and I don't think I understood one single sentence.

Later I bought the DVD making sure it had English subtitles and loved it.