Thursday, May 19, 2011

A hot nap

Yesterday I went for a class of hot yoga, and even though I might jinx it by saying this, it might be so that I maybe have improved, just a liiiiittle bit!? At least I got some “very nice!” and “good” comments from the yogi and for me, inflexible and stiff by nature, that’s quite big.

Anyway, when we moved over to doing the floor poses the girl next to me fell asleep on her mat! It was 40 degrees in the room, and we were given a 10 seconds rest. And just like that –she was sound asleep! The teacher came to wake her up, so which she seemed ashamed of and apologized for, however, one pose down later and we were given 10 seconds to lie down in savasana relaxing pose, and we had lost her again!

For me, who are experiencing serious sleeping problems from time to time (it goes in phases, sometimes I don’t get any sleep at night for 5 night in a row) and find it extremely hard to relax and especially fall asleep, someone who can fall asleep just like that –when it’s 40 degrees in the room and you’re taking a yoga class –is quite impressive.

Then again, I wouldn’t want to spend xxxx rmb on my yoga membership card and sleep my way through classes.


Anonymous said...

maybe she fainted because she was too hot/too tired?

Juci said...

have you ever tried the lavender tea? I used to be a troubled sleeper in the past, and this could really help to put myself into sleep!

yan said...

A couple of comments:

1. I find it easy to fall asleep when it's warm, like a balmy summer afternoon.

2. When I was still living in China, naps were more common, as was the 2-hour lunch break for food and nap. Now that those times are disappearing, people haven't made the habit change, yet.

Carl said...

When I was single I never could fall asleep at night unless I either had a fan on high blowing directly on me or a window open with a breeze. My wife however does not like it. She like most Chinese believes that if you have cold air blowing over your body will cause arthritis. We have compromised and have the fan on low.

pilgrimchick said...

Wow--I wish I could do that! That's amazing.