Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walking uphill

I’ve been keeping busy lately. At the same time as I’ve been battling sleeping problems I’ve been putting in quite a few extra hours at work, and then on top of that I’ve tried to locate a new apartment in Shanghai. Man, when I have time to sit down and blog again I’m going to share with you some of the funniest flat-hunting stories and dramas that I’ve been experiencing over these last few weeks! But not until things calm down a bit. For the last week I haven’t even been to the gym once (!) –and anyone who knows me knows that that’s a sign of me rearranging my priorities. But getting enough sleep is a priority right now, as well as moving into a new flat. This area where I live now is great, but too noisy at nighttimes. I don’t think the noise is the only reason why I’m having troubles falling asleep at night, but it definitely has some impact.

I still have some big projects to finish off (D Day 1 is tomorrow, and then another one the week after that), and then life will (hopefully) eventually get back to normal. At least I’m hoping to find some time to hit the gym. Running makes life so much better. Thanks again for all the sleeping tips, both from people posting comments on this blog as well as from you guys sending me emails! You rock!


ordinary malaysian said...

Whatever you do, take care of yourself. Just let go and have enough sleep.

Frankie Perussault said...

Since comment moderation is on for this, I'll say... just let go, relax, let go, and instead of going to the gym make love with a nice guy.

Regan said...

I must say that you rock! I love reading your blog, even when I can't relate. Thank you so much for opening me up!