Thursday, January 10, 2008

Being (considered) a fatty

Back from a 3 weeks holiday in Europe, my boyfriend received the following compliments from his work mates:

“Welcome back! Wow, your holiday must have been good, you look so fat!”
”I can see you ate a lot on your holiday!”
“Nice to have you back. You look a bit round”.

And once his tan had faded another work mate offered some comfort:

“Oh good to see that your skin is doing better. When you first came back you looked so dirty in your face but now you look good again; white and pale!”

I’ve also received a few gibes about my weight.

“Jonna! Good to have you back! You look well; fat and round!”
(Coming back to work after being on a 3 weeks sick leave due to a broken foot)

"Well I bet that in your country you are not considered to be fat!"
(A Chinese friend trying to comfort me about my weight issue in China)

And then this one... (when making clothes at the tailor’s market together with a Chinese friend)

Me: “Why do I have to pay 150 kuai for my dress when my friend is paying 100?”
Honest tailor: “You are more fat. For you we need more fabric”.

The truth hurts.

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