Monday, January 28, 2008

Yes, it's snowing

Some slack blogging lately, although I have good excuses. You see, recently the wind of change has swept over my life, resulting in a lot of good, and maybe not so good changes.

First of all, I've moved. Now moving is always a pain, no matter where on earth you are. But to move in a city which is experiencing its worse snow chaos in centuries, well, that's just bad luck!

Snow -in Shanghai? Yes my friends, and when I say snow I am not referring to the odd snowflake that you might spot in China every here and there during the cold month of January, but I am talking about real, massive amounts of powder snow, that are now causing big troubles to a city that can handle heat and handle typhoons, but that can not handle snow. As I am, in this typing moment, sitting on front of a computer in Suzhou (which has even more snow than Shanghai) I can't help feeling a tiny weeny bit worried about my return to Shanghai later this afternoon. I'm not quite sure how the trains will be able to handle slippery rails, but hey, I'm soon to find out.

Second of all... I'm going to Korea! Yeah, in this snow chaos! I'm supposed to take off early on Wed morning, so if you've got nothing better to do, than please save me a prayer between 9am-12pm on Wednesday. Thank you!

Thirdly... I haven't packed. I have an business dinner with a prospective employer tonight. I have not read my Chinese book as planned. I have a stomach ache. I can't find my passport. I more feel like curling up with a good book and cup of hot cocoa in the bed rather than going out in the cold. And... tomorrow I'll find out the result of my Chinese exams. If I can make it to the university in this weather, that is.

Oh, and how are the Chinese handling this snow you may wonder? Well, yesterday I watched two parents throwing snowballs on their kids. The kids where close to tears while the parents were clearly enjoying themselves.

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