Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's with the kimchi??

When I told people I was going to Seoul everyone reacted the same way: ' wow, I hope u like spicy food!' and I was like: 'hell yeah!' Because I LOVE spicy food!

But now I've had 2 Korean meals at authentic Korean restaurants (not the turist traps, I promise!) and I can't say I am impressed. Sure, the bibimbap (the egg, rice, veggie in a clay pot thing) is divine, however, the kimchi stew I just had didn't meet my expectations as it only left my mouth with a tiny little burn...

I thought this was going to be spice heaven, but apparently not.. what am I doing wrong people?! Have I missed some amazing Korean spicy dish that has all the goodies of chili, peppers and kimchi? Any advices/suggestions are appreciated!

Now heading for a coffee (expensive over here) and tonight we are going to try a traditional Korean sauna (Han Jyu Mak) where u have to wear something that looks like a potato sack (hmmm) meanwhile being fried in a room that is so hot that people also use it to boil eggs or dry fruits. Geeeeh. And no, this wasn't my idea!!

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