Sunday, February 3, 2008

Last day in Seoul

Today's my last day in Seoul... which is a sad thing. I love this place. Seriously! Before I went here, people told me that 'sure, it's a cool place but then again it's just another big city'. I strongly disagree with that statement... I think Seoul is amazing, and that Koreans are very interesting and kind people. I don't know how many people that have offered to help us when we have been standing (with puzzled expressions) and studied the metro maps. The Korean food is fantastic (bibimbap is my new favorite dish!) and there is so much fun stuff to do in Seoul! I have taken some photos so I'll upload those once I am back in China.

But really, if you are planning an Asia trip, and don't necessarily want to go to the turist destinations or need the beaches (read: Thailand) then I recommend u to visit Seoul. Just make sure u to arrive here with a bit of cash because the city ain't cheap! Just the other day we had to turn around at a nightclub, as the cover charge turned out to be 30 euros.. 30 euos?! Just to get in. Nah. But don't worry, there are cheaper options.

I'll tell u more when I get home. Stay tuned!!

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